Recent rofi update made exit-openbox UI/UX weird

With the recent update to Rofi it just served as a reminder as to why I use dmenu. It’s too damn complicated to set up and why bother when dmenu is a better solution anyway.


hi dobbie :eyes:

is there any plan to replace rofi with dmenu completely in future arch linux builds?

also thank you @manyroads for the custom *.rasi script, really useful, much appreciated. :two_hearts:

btw just saw this, on rofi’s github page, the dev has asked to read release notes for anyone having problems with theming on 1.7.0

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thanks for this guys, I’ve created a config.rasi following @manyroads example - now to tweak it back to more like the original.

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Glad that you fix your issues & that you re getting it to your liking @phuturism

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@Dobbie03 @natemaia @Eon FWIW rofi uses dmenu in order to function. dmenu is already included with arch, I think.

There is an issue however. xfce4 (on AL) has rofi as a dependency, and that dependency should be removed so rofi can be uninstalled easily without having to remove xfce4 (assuming you have it).

LOL, you’re using a rolling release distro. That’s part of it. Even Debian stable can not guarantee everything works after a system upgrade. Comparing to other rolling distros, Arch is fairly stable (except for the crazy kernel updates early this year).

It’s only one of the distros I use, and AL is the only Arch based one I use. Everyone knows the caveats with Arch, but a key component of an entire workflow as well as the UI/UX shedding old code into a new skin wound up biting a few users in the ass, and I can imagine how distros that are rofi dependent like Archcraft fared with it.

Of course one can just open a terminal and launch a command from there. Or use something like Synapse. rofi is used more with WM’s than DE’s. If you’re on Plasma, MATE, XFCE etc.with Arch, this update doesn’t matter.

@manyroads rofi doesn’t require dmenu to function without the --dmenu flag AFAIK. Perhaps this has changed with recent versions though.

Regardless @Eon I’ll look into the recent update and see what I can do for you, the exit-openbox menu option is just a little bash script so it should be easy for you/me to modify out to work like you want.


oh that would be really helpful, thank you a ton in advance. I did tweak manyroad’s provided config a bit and got it to look/behave in a functional way UX wise, so I don’t have much complains now but it would look really awesome the way it looked before aesthetically speaking because previous design was much better, cleaner and minimal. I guess I pay way more attention to how things look visually on my screen and I get paranoid if they change suddenly in looks. :joy:

Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for your valuable time. :pray:

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@natemaia when I tried to uninstall rofi (from my xfce4 install) I received an error message saying that the AL xfce4 skel listed rofi as a dependency. I uninstalled xfce4 and everything workedfine.

Running rofi-theme-selector in a shell gives you a bunch of other options which you might prefer. Github also has a number of dark theme config.rasi files. I agree the look provided by the config in .Xresources was much nicer - I’m planning to see how much of that I can move across into a .rasi file but don’t have time to play with that much right now.

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I just downgraded the package and it’s fine, but the update has a somewhat curious rasi in iggy. I see it on the github link, and I tested it before I downgraded. It just seemed very odd considering what others have done with rofi (Archcraft for example).

I maybe have jumped the gun with the downgrade as now I think rofi v 1.7 config & my i3 config could be edited to make a go of this new version.

Two things I always would like to see as rofi options.

Floating mode even if the rofi screen is say (move position 492px 38px resize set 1500px 600px) That it did not takeup the whole workspace as it does now…
rofi may look like it is floating and not holding the whole workspace but it is…

Moveable by grabbing with the mouse & mod key so I could move it around the screen and still be open.

Archcraft have put a lot of work into there rofi runs the whole system…almost Thanks

Adi’s polybar’s are rofi dependent, well, his rofi configs to be specific. They are also clickable. I really do not care for my workflow to be dependent on a single component. In fact, it represents everything I loathe in workflow. I really, really hate menu’s. I do, I used to launch everything in a file manager in Windows, and even in OS X. I don’t use docks either. I just want a simple command to recall my previous session in a true workflow. Then save that session for the next one, and then use the same command into my specific project that I am working in.

rofi is cool, but Albert is much more robust. So is Synapse. They are both extensible too. It’s all about the nerd fonts. Think Regolith. Nerd fonts, rofi, i3-gaps, i3blocks. OMG REGOLITH!

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Probably not mate, unless there is a call for it.

@manyroads pretty sure Rofi doesn’t require dmenu, its not shown in the dependencies?

( I really, really hate menu’s.) This is how I feel as well and have always done so.

In fact I hardly ever use rofi anymore it all mod keys or terimal commands and in bash it is all about alias’s.

Menu’s are the slowest confusing waste of time ever invented for computers.

I remember after ms$ came out with win8 the menu was gone I loved.

for_window [window_role="pop-up"] floating enable
 for_window [window_role="bubble"] floating enable
 for_window [window_role="task_dialog"] floating enable
 for_window [window_role="Preferences"] floating enable
 for_window [window_type="dialog"] floating enable
 for_window [window_type="menu"] floating enable
 for_window [instance="yad"] floating enable
 for_window [instance="gtkdialog"] floating enable
 for_window [class="Yad" title="yad-calendar"] floating enable
 for_window [class="Galculator"] floating enable

 for_window [instance="ncmpcpp-ueberzug"] floating enable move position 492px 38px resize set 1500px 600px
 for_window [instance="cava"] floating enable move position 492px 640px resize set 1500px 300px
 for_window [instance="scratchpad"] floating enable move position 800px 28px resize set 1000px 600px
 for_window [instance="pokerth"] floating enable move position 260px 150px resize set 1980px 1200px
 for_window [instance="lxappearance"] floating enable
 for_window [instance="tixati"] focus

 exec --no-startup-id nm-applet &
 exec --no-startup-id dunst &
 exec --no-startup-id /usr/lib/polkit-gnome/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1 &
 exec --no-startup-id nitrogen --restore &
 exec --no-startup-id xfce4-power-manager &
 exec --no-startup-id compton --config ~/.config/i3/compton.conf &
# exec --no-startup-id picom --config ~/.config/picom/picom.conf &

bindsym $mod+Return exec --no-startup-id kitty
 bindsym $mod+Shift+Return exec --no-startup-id alacritty
 bindsym $mod+c exec --no-startup-id kitty --class calcurse -e calcurse
 bindsym $mod+i exec --no-startup-id waterfox-classic
 bindsym $mod+s exec --no-startup-id spacefm
 bindsym $mod+Shift+s exec --no-startup-id pcmanfm
 bindsym $mod+g exec --no-startup-id geany
# bindsym $mod+b exec --no-startup-id brave
 bindsym $mod+shift+t exec --no-startup-id tixati
 bindsym $mod+w exec --no-startup-id firefox
 bindsym $mod+p exec --no-startup-id palemoon
 bindsym $mod+t exec --no-startup-id pokerth

 bindsym $mod+Shift+d exec --no-startup-id kitty --class scratchpad
 bindsym $mod+m exec --no-startup-id kitty --class ncmpcpp-ueberzug -e ncmpcpp-ueberzug
 bindsym $mod+o exec --no-startup-id kitty --class cava -e cava
# bindsym $mod+n exec --no-startup-id tauonmb
 bindsym $mod+Shift+c kill
 bindsym $mod+d exec --no-startup-id rofi -show drun
 bindsym $mod+shift+l exec --no-startup-id ~/.config/rofi/scripts/rofi-locate
 bindsym $mod+x exec --no-startup-id ~/.config/i3/blurlock2
 bindsym $mod+v exec --no-startup-id kitty -e nvim
 bindsym Print exec --no-startup-id "scrot '%S.png' -e 'mv $f $$(xdg-user-dir PICTURES)/ArchLabs-%S-$wx$h.png ; feh $$(xdg-user-dir PICTURES)/ArchLabs-%S-$wx$h.png'"

# Assign Workspaces:
 assign [class="Brave-browser"] workspace $ws1
 assign [class="Waterfox-classic"] workspace  $ws1
 assign [class="palemoon"] workspace  $ws1
 assign [class="ncmpcpp-ueberzug"] workspace  $ws2
 assign [class="cava"] workspace $ws2
 assign [class="Geany"] workspace $ws3
 assign [instance="thunar"] workspace $ws3
 assign [class="Spacefm"] workspace $ws3
 assign [class="pokerth"] workspace $ws4
 assign [class="calcurse"] workspace $ws4
 assign [class="Tauon Music Box"] workspace $ws4
 assign [class="mpv"] workspace $ws5
 assign [instance="tixati"] workspace $ws6

# Autostart programs & workspaces

# exec --no-startup-id sleep 1 && brave
# exec --no-startup-id sleep 2 && geany
# exec --no-startup-id sleep 3 && spacefm
# exec --no-startup-id sleep 4 && kitty --class ncmpcpp-ueberzug -e ncmpcpp-ueberzug
# exec --no-startup-id sleep 5 && kitty --class cava -e cava

I agree… I use bspwm and rarely use menus EXCEPT for the shutdown and also drun…

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Although I can’t say I will never use DE like Plasma or GNOME ever again (XFCE still looks like ass to me no matter how much lipstick I put on it, and the Whisker menu I really really hate), a big reason is due to the system and configuration menu’s, Plasma’s especially. I’ve grown accustomed to WM’s and config files because I know where everything is, and I prefer an environment that is almost non-existent. But with a distro like Bunsenlabs and Openbox, having access to utilities come in handy with a menu, although I use rofi with it most of the time. In a more minimal distro like AL (which I only use i3 or bspwm, I have yet to get off my ass into dwm or build sway in it, I’m 55 years old, I really don’t have the energy at this point to futz with shit right now lulz), rofi is essential because I like a launcher that has a window pop up in the middle of the screen. I also don’t have a boat load of packages in AL (my BL desktop is a hybrid with MX, so you can imagine how much gak that desktop has as far as applications and packages right out of both boxes), but also this is all on a laptop. WM’s are what I prefer using a laptop. Everything should be at my fingertips with just keybindings and not much else as far as being trackpad heavy. I use a Thinkpad so the trackpoint helps, and I don’t like to move my hand below the keyboard to mouse, I am used to moving it to the right of it for a mouse or trackball.

rofi is great for it’s minimalism, I hope it stays that way. But it can also be a PITA. The launcher space in Linux needs a lot more options however, I don’t want to get accustomed to one thing and have it abandoned or totally reworked and borked out because of it.

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Same for me.
I have currently downgraded
Unfortunately I don’t have the neurons needed to understand everything.
Ah if there is anyone who can post the script
rofi-logout for the new version in I would be happy.

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