Recent rofi update made exit-openbox UI/UX weird

Hi, yesterday rofi package got updated with new release version 1.7.0-1 which made the UI bit weird when you click on “Exit openbox” from right click menu on desktop, it is now very big on my small 768p laptop screen, also when I try to search for packages on run dialog by pressing Ctrl+Space or Super key, the UI is also changed there from how it was before. I can’t take screenshots while the exit system menu is open. Is there a way to revert UI to how it was before? I couldn’t find any option in rofi wiki page.

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If you run a generic rofi command from a terminal is the rofi dialog box also messed up?

And you can take a screenshot of the other dialog boxes if you run scrot from a terminal with a countdown.

scrot -cd 10 image.png

will give you 10 seconds to open the menu before the screenshot is taken.

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i have some weird too

rofi 1.6.1

rofi 1.7.0

so i downgrade to rofi 1.6.1 again

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Wonder if it s part of the update s change by itself or a bug or an alteration in its setup somehow.

i find out is not a bug rofi 1.7.0 work just fint

Oh ok cool, might be part of rofi s changes.

yes they have remove hide-scrollbar and onther stuff
i will try make a new config.rasi

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thanks @icebird for sharing screenshots. It looks exactly like that except the applications on run dialog are not side by side any more, its just showing all vertically one column and exit dialog is too big. I can’t take screenshots right now because I’m outdoors on mobile for few hours, will share them later.

from terminal

i will try to remove

i find this on reddit

New features:

Default theme loading

File Browser

File Completion

Timeout actions

Background image and gradients

Clickable button and icons

Deprecated features:

REMOVE: -dump-xresources

REMOVE: -fullscreen

REMOVE: -show-match

REMOVE: Old xresources based configuration file.

REMOVE: fake transparency/background option, part of theme now.

REMOVE: xresources parsing via Xserver

Remove: [Theme] Remove backwards compatiblity hack.

Oh, makes sense @icebird . Thx for sharing

This happened to me as well after the update.

They removed a bunch of deprecated code… screwing a lot of things in the process. The things that bit me were all in custom *.rasi files. It was especially bad with themes that used .Xresources. >Xresources support has been removed…

fwiw. I’m messing around a bit with dmenu and j4-dmenu to see if I really need rofi.

EDIT: what follows is a new rasi that works with 1.7. There is no .Xresources dependency. With a compositor the menu has rounded corners, as well.

 * Author: Primetoxinz & ManyRoads
* {
    text-color:             #E5E9F0;
    background-color:       #2E3440;
    lightbg:                #434C5E;
    red:                    #BF616A;
    purple:                 #B48EAD; 
    blue:                   #81A1C1; 
    foreground:				#ECEFF4;
    background:				#2E3440;
    width: 					480;
	lines: 					15;

    selected-normal-foreground:  @foreground;
    normal-foreground:           @foreground;
    alternate-normal-background: @background;
    selected-urgent-foreground:  @foreground;
    urgent-foreground:           @foreground;
    alternate-urgent-background: @background;
    active-foreground:           @foreground;
    selected-active-foreground:  @foreground;
    alternate-normal-foreground: @foreground;
    alternate-active-background: @blue;
    bordercolor:                 @blue;
    normal-background:           @background;
    selected-normal-background:  @blue;
    separatorcolor:              @purple;
    spacing:                     5;
    urgent-background:           @red;
    alternate-urgent-foreground: @foreground;
    selected-urgent-background:  @red;
    alternate-active-foreground: @foreground;
    selected-active-background:  @blue;
    active-background:           @purple;
window {
    border:     2;
    text-color: @foreground;
    padding:    2;
    text-color: @bordercolor;
    background-color: @background;
    border-radius: 10px;  /* works with compositor */
mainbox {
    border:  1;
    padding: 5;
message {
    border:     10;
    text-color: @separatorcolor;
    padding:    10 ;
textbox {
    text-color: @foreground;
listview {
    fixed-height: 0;
    border:       1;
    padding:      5;
    text-color: @separatorcolor;
element {
    border:       1;
    padding:      3;
element-icon {
  margin: 0 15px 0 10px;
element-text {
    background-color: inherit;
    text-color:       inherit;
element.normal.normal {
    text-color: @normal-foreground;
    background-color: @normal-background;
element.normal.urgent {
    text-color: @urgent-foreground;
    background-color: @urgent-background;
} {
    text-color: @active-foreground;
    background-color: @active-background;
element.selected.normal {
    text-color: @selected-normal-foreground;
    background-color: @selected-normal-background;
element.selected.urgent {
    text-color: @selected-urgent-foreground;
    background-color: @selected-urgent-background;
} {
    text-color: @selected-active-foreground;
    background-color: @selected-active-background;
element.alternate.normal {
    text-color: @alternate-normal-foreground;
    background-color: @alternate-normal-background;
element.alternate.urgent {
    text-color: @alternate-urgent-foreground;
    background-color: @alternate-urgent-background;
} {
    text-color: @alternate-active-foreground;
    background-color: @alternate-active-background;
mode-switcher {
    border: 1px dash 0px 0px ;
button selected {
    text-color: @selected-normal-foreground;
    background-color: @selected-normal-background;
button normal {
    text-color: @foreground;
inputbar {
     children: [textbox-prompt-colon,entry];
textbox-prompt-colon {                                                
     text-color: inherit;                                              
     expand: true;                                                    
     margin: 0 0em 0em 0em;                                          
     str: "Search:";


Yeah it borked on custom .rasi’s I have, but that was in AL. In MX, the update hasn’t been pushed yet, and I won’t update rofi in MX.

Edit: thanks for the rasi @manyroads

Luckily it only took me 4 hours to figure out what they had done… :face_with_head_bandage:

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This is what kinda blows with an update like this (which makes Debian more sense than not, MX still has 1.5 in it’s repo), if you are WM’s that are rofi dependent, while it’s still usable and just a matter of a workaround, it still blows up a lot of work one has put in with a simple launcher. rofi is cool and nerdy, but really not a feature rich as say Ulauncher, Synapse, and Albert. rofi is light, that’s really the advantage, and eventually people will catch up to the update.

No big deal. Just downgrade to 1.6.1 if you don’t wanna change your config.

I’ve been a fan of rofi… but I’m getting to like j4-dmenu and dmenu. As I get older I discover I need less and like it that way. :wink:

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Yer I updated to 1.7 yesterday within 40 min downgraded back to 1.6.1 to many of the good options have been removed. Not for me…

{ warning: rofi: ignoring package upgrade (1.6.1-1 => 1.7.0-1) }

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Downgrading a package because it broke something doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck that it did.

I don’t care about the .Xresources part as I don’t have anything that users it. Mostly the loss of control over the rasi was what I could not understand there thinking.

But I did like the Tortoise.