Another Arch based distro. It’s more like the old Antergoes than EOS is. I think it uses Antergoes installer.


I tried this a long time ago, the installer broke almost every try. It was a known bug with it, even though it was based on Calamares. It’s like Shartco Linux, lots of options at during install and post install. When I tried it, it wasn’t even on the Distrowatch list, I pulled it from Sourceforge. You can find a load of distros on there that aren’t on DT’s list.

I assume they fixed their installer issue, although I will most likely never try it again. I never tried Antergos either, I was using #! and never used any other distro until I went on a Linux hiatus up until a few years ago.

It’s cnchi installer (net installaer), same as what Antergo used before.

I tried it when it first came out. Like you experienced, it was full of bugs then. They have fixed most of them since.

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Have you tried it since? I may try a live ISO, but after trying Garuda, well, some of these “All in One” distros have put me off of them.

I tried it in VirtualBox. The installations takes a very long time though.

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EOS takes a while too to install, even with a smallish ISO like their i3 or sway.

Downloading Reborn right now. I’ll see if I hate it as much as Bloatruda.

UPDATE: booted into the live ISO, has GNOME 40 as default, with dash to panel as well as a few other extensions in the live session. Default theme is Yaru. Not a whole lot of packages in the live session, it has a kernel manager, TLPUI, Nvidia’s config manager, and a couple of others that they baked in. Live session is pretty fast (as 40 is much faster than the previous GNOME versions), no video glitches using the dash to panel extension like older GNOME had in other installs I tried using it. I may or may not install it on metal, but the live session is pleasantly not as gakked up as Bloatruda’s. Icon’s are the usual papirus, not the Sweet or Candy shite of Bloatruda’s, Reborn is much more mature than it used to be.

Yeah come to think of it, the first time I tried it had the cnchi installer, but I think they tried using Calmares for a bit because cnchi was full of bugs. I could be wrong about that, I did try it a few times over a summer, the Summer of Borkjaro lulz, as I just came off my Linux hiatus and testing distros like it.

It’s taking forever to rank the goddamn mirrors. Their partition managers is a bit dodgy too. Installing the i3 version, already feeling regret.

Edit: fuck this install, I don’t have all freakin’ Sunday to wait for it to refresh and update a fucking mirrorlist.

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