Reboot the IRC channel?

If I rebooted the IRC channel would anyone be actually interested in using it? In the past it has always been very quiet there.

  • Yes!
  • No!
  • What’s IRC?

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Never knew we had one before.

Kind of a live chat !

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I’ve been on the web for 20 years, and never used irc. :slight_smile:

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I prefer Telegram. I usually use it when I’m not online in the forum


I would be interested. However IRC can be a time killer, used to hang around in an IRC channel quite some time ago and that stole a lot of time. So for my part I would restrict my presence to about two hours a week.

Love IRC. Used it for many years. However, just doesnt seem to cut it these days for most

In these very scary times where isolation is the safe bet I think it’s a good idea to boot it up!


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The issue with IRC for me - I need to be connected all the time to have logs.
Will set up an IRC session on my NAS, so it will keep the logs.

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At the moment No outweighs Yes so I won’t reboot the channel for now. If people decide they do then I will.

I’m not using IRC that much anymore…
That could be nice, but nowaday I’m more into reddit and work environment pushed me towards slack channels

I prefer Reddit and the forum personally.

I make good use out of weechat and bitlbee.

I honestly like IRC more than the new fads

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