Reboot loop after fresh installation (after the grub loads and choosing archlabs)[SOLVED]

Hello dear all. First of all let me tell you i am quite new using linux but mostly using arch.

So my issue appears when i tried to install arch labs in an old HP-pavilion-9700 laptop.

Well, i installed using a USB drive and after finishing the installation the grub appears. I tough everything went OK. However when i enter to arch an INFINITE RESTART LOOP APPEARS. (After hitting enter on the grub).

Let me tell you that in order to install it i used “nolapic” otherwise i wouldn’t be able to install it. Before on the same computer i used Ubuntu with the same option (nolapic) and the computer ran quite nice.

I tough that my issue will come from the nvida card however i also used nomodeset and the issue still present (loop after hitting enter on the grub).

I had another computer and i used archlabs, and was an awesome experience, so that’s why i want to install archlabs in this HP laptop.

Thanks in advance

Is the nolapic option applied to the ArchLabs GRUB menuentry? If not then does applying it manually help?

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Thank you very much for your reply.

First of all, sorry for my ignorance, but let me explain you.

My computer was totally off. So i plug my USB drive, then i press power button after that i pressed f9 to boot from a usb drive. After that and installation options appeared (arch labs options) so on the first option (installing archlabs) i pressed tab and i add nolapic at the end of the line. After that the installation process began, therefore, everything when smooth and after finishing the installation i click on the last step (finish installation and restart). So i click and when the computer restarts the grub appears, i select archlabs,after it seams that everything is running nice but here the problem appears, the restart loop begins (restart enters the grub select archlabs loads some stuff, again the computer restarts enters the grub select arch labs, loads some stuff and restart again, this happens all over again and again).

Therefore, as i told you before i am quite new using linux. hence, sorry for my ignorance but i dot know how to apply the nolapic menuentry or manually.

Thanks very much again.


I already read the info (from the link), so I got the instructions, and when I applied nolapic in the grub menu the system appears (no more reboot) however, there is no GUI only the TTY1 and I clearly remember I set a gui interface.

So what else should I do?

Thank you very much for your help

Does startx get you to a desktop?

This seems to be a different problem now so you should probably open a new thread for it.

Remember to add the nolapic option to /etc/default/grub and update /boot/grub/grub.cfg to make the change permanent.

Head on a stick. First of all thank you very much.

Probably before I did something really wrong. However, my problem was solved using the link that you provide me before. I followed those steps and now my system is awesome.

So for someone who is facing quite similar issue. I followed this steps.

I plug the usb then keep pressing f9, followed by boot from usb drive.

At this step the window with installation options appears, there press tab and at the end of the line add “nolapic” without quotes.

The installation begins (you have to pass throughout the steps) and finally on the last step there are several options to finish the installation but one of them is to configure the grub (see the link that Head_on_a_stick provided before) and configure the grub adding “nolapic”. Exit from the vim editor and finish the installation. Your system will reboot and will enter into grub in there, again follow the instructions provided by head_on_a_stick (pressing “e” and add “nolapic” add the end of the line). Finally your system will boot properly.

There is one last important step. Go the link provided by head_on_a_stick and configure the grub to keep the applied changes.

Thank you very much to head_on_a_stick

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Props to @Head_on_a_Stick

Thanks Altman

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Thank you very much @altman
Thank very much @Head_on_a_Stick

I hope this helps some other facing quite similiar issues like mine.

Let’s enjoy archlabs.


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Very nice. It’s always welcome to share in this place.

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No problem mate, have a great one.

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