Real-estate downsizing

Well well well, so the day has finally come. I never really expected this, or maybe i just always tried to pretend it wouldn’t come. It will be a bit of a culture shock at first, i suspect. I really do hope it’s not going to become too claustrophobic, or, if it does, that i’ll find a way to overcome any sense of stress & maybe even panic.

For so many years i never felt any particular sense of opulence, certainly no guilt or embarrassment, over the sheer quantum of wallpaper surface area needed to cover all the vastness of my cumulative space. Anyway, these days & for such a long time, replacing one’s wallpaper has been cheap & fast, so why not enjoy the whole experience?

Yet, every now & then, sometimes philosophically adopting a virtual birds-eye view, i did find myself questioning if i really did need all that space, & whether i was silly or even A Bad Person for maintaining it, when more & more it seemed that i could get by quite comfortably with less. Once again today i found my mind turning to this train of thought, comparing what i find myself needing on a daily & weekly basis versus all that space. I forced myself to accept a harsh truth… there were some spaces which i simply never needed to visit, nor to pass through enroute elsewhere, nor even just to store any of the things important to me.

Today, this arvo, i had to accept it, i could no longer avert my eyes, i just had to act upon the cold hard facts. I simply do not need all that space, once considered so necessary, but nowadays [& tbh, maybe not for a long time] just a self-indulgent waste. If i downsized, maybe i might in my own small way make the universe slightly less ghastly.

So now the deed is done. Here i find myself, newly ensconced in my reduced space. It’s not so bad, so far anyway. Maybe i’ll be fine with just four, instead of the erstwhile nine. I hope so. Fingers crossed.

Picture of my new digs, fwiw

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :roll_eyes: :woman_facepalming:t2:


And here I thought you were talking “monitors” not desktops.
Imaging my surprise when you said 4 not 9 and then clicked on the link.

Silly me!

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Lol, and I thought actual house sqft. I’m a home builder so it wouldn’t be a long shot XD.

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Lol, same thinking here , but not an home builder myself…

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Hmmmm… I use three nowadays. Earlier always four, but switched to three when I noticed that the fourth never were in use. Do not like to have too much stuff going on at the same time. Anyway, one have to economize on old low spec craptops. :grin:

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Virtual desktops are bloat! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you @natemaia and @altman, I’ve thought about houses too, but no long after, I opened the picture and suddenly became afraid for a brief moment that my english comprehension was f*ckd :hear_no_evil:, but fortunately i saw your posts bellow and had a sense of relief :sweat_smile:

Ps: I loved the post btw, hang tough on your mission @anon39737049, I’ve declared war to all bloat in my life a while ago too… Keep strong! :sunglasses:


100% agreed! Everything the human species touches turns into BLOAT! lol


lol, good one in there @Beast


I am happy that rings true for u too man lol

DesktopSize 3x3
+ I Module FvwmPager 0 3

FTW :grin:

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On my ancient testing laptop they save my life.

Impressing rhetoric is impressive.

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But… but…

Bloat Is Beautiful.

Whatever floats my bloat.

I’m bloating on a cloud.



i couldn’t agree more @anon39737049

I am an assumed bloat junkie too :hear_no_evil:

OMG!! lol :see_no_evil: :rofl:



We all know i was just joking, right?! :speak_no_evil: lol

Ps: Sorry @pippo and @anon39737049, as u both can see, this is a proof that BLOAT is ruining our brains! (or at least mine…) :sweat_smile:


Oh you’re such a beast!


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Indeed!:sunglasses: :rofl:

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