Re-Install Help Questions Please

After my self-induced BIOS problems seemed to be insoluble, I decided to re-install archlabs.

  • downloaded archlabs-lts-2022.02.12-x86_64.iso from SourceForge
  • burned the iso to a usb using Suse Studio Image Writer
  • booted to the usb in UEFI mode
  • the installation process seemed to go normally with no warning or error messages
  • I chose automatic partitioning, UEFI boot, openbox wm and bash shell
  • when the installation was complete the system proceeded to boot and I could see the typical boot script flashing by
  • that process concluded at a terminal prompt which did use the host name I had assigned during installation
  • I entered my user name which was accepted. I entered my password which was also accepted (since I am the only person ever anywhere near this computer I have the same password for user and root).
  • the terminal prompt is apparently waiting for a command from me. What is it?

Secondary question: Can I set up the boot process so that it goes directly to my openbox workspace, without requiring any login credentials, for which I have no need. I live alone and this computer never leaves my home.


Make sure you have a ~/.xinitrc that starts openbox or startx will fail.


scroll down to the Autostart X at login section.

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Also note that I get this mass of error messages before the actual login script begins to run:

You need to install xorg-xinit that will install startx as well.

Then create a ~/.xinitrc if you do not have one; it’s a file not a directory. So:

ls -a ~/.xinitrc

not “cd”

Read that ArchWiki link I sent you. It has an example for creating .xinitrc (openbox-session no less). Unless you have a backup from your previous install, then you can use that.

nano ~/.xinitrc


# this file is run when calling startx

# default arch init scripts
if [ -d /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d ]; then
    for f in /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/?*.sh; do
        [ -x "$f" ] && . "$f"

# user init scripts and settings
[ -r /etc/X11/xinit/.Xmodmap ] && xmodmap /etc/X11/xinit/.Xmodmap
[ -r ~/.Xmodmap ] && xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap
[ -r ~/.Xresources ] && xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources
[ -r ~/.xprofile ] && . ~/.xprofile

# launch the session, commands below this line will be ignored
exec openbox-session

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Forgive my newbie ignorance here; I’m embarrassing myself. Since I’m not logged in I don’t have access to a package manager to install xorg-xinit.

you can install xorg-xinit from tty

I must be misunderstanding greatly here, not surprising. I installed archlabs from the official iso but it doesn’t contain all the files and packages it needs to run itself?

Did I do something wrong or overlook something in the installation process? And now I need to learn how to install packages from tty in order to be able to log in and run archlabs? I must be missing something here.

Things weren’t at all like this the last time I installed archlabs.

i’m almost sure you did something wrong during installation
i am downloading archlabs and will install openbox on my other ssd

You are logged into the system as soon as you’re at that terminal prompt (username + password). What you’re not running is an X session (openbox-session).

From your terminal prompt, run:


that will bring up a program to connect to your network. If your laptop is connected to the router with a cable you should already be connected to the network and have internet access.

You can run pacman commands from the terminal to install programs.


When you’re at the terminal prompt, what is the output of:


Let’s verify you are not having a hard drive issue again.

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i just installed archlabs openbox
works fine

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OK then I had better to another install. Does that last screenshot output from lsblk look right?

yes lsblk it look right

OK then I will do a fresh download of the iso, copy to usb and re-install.

i use dd to install archlabs on usb stick

Please get a shot of the model and serial number label on the bottom of the unit. I’m thinking the BIOS is corrupted and nothing is gunna work right 'till that is fixed. Need to find the latest BIOS and flash if the second install doesn’t work.

OK, I agree. This will take me a while to download and install. I will report back when that is done.