Raven Ridge and the Linux Kernel

The state of Raven Ridge and Vega 8, if you own a Ryzen Laptop and want to use Linux as your daily driver. Let’s get something out of the way first. There is a clear delineation between the words “working” and “stable.” The Arch Linux Wiki, which we often defer too, because it is well written, says HP Envy x360, model “15-bq102ng” is working. Do not confuse this with being stable. Raven Ridge support is still not complete in any manner, nor has the Vega 8 support been added. Kernel 4.19 is expect to have patches to enable the Raven Ridge display engine properly and maybe this will bring the first bit of stability that has been missing from this AMD APU.
If you possess a machine with a Ryzen mobile processor, containing the Raven Ridge / Vega 8 architecture, I would not suggest trying to rely on Linux as a daily driver just yet. It is beginning to look like this architecture will have much better support by the release of kernel 5.0.