Anyone here using/playing with ratpoison? I’m just taking a quick ‘gander’ to see what I see. I installed it simply via baph -i…

I tried this awhile back when I was trying to sample a bunch of resource light wm’s for my home. I am not an expert and I did not spend too much time with this because I found the key bindings non-intuitive so you have to dig up the manual. It’s emacs like but tuned so it does not collide with emacs key bindings. This was my major factor in dropping it. I like vim bindings and don’t want to spend the time to remap everything. You will also have to trick it out to get workspaces and floating GUI apps to work properly. I did not have that kind of time to invest on one wm when I’m on the path of sampling and quick discovery. What I like about it was it’s concept of frames, pop up to show current apps, speed and lightness (less resource and dependencies then dwm even)!

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