Ratpoison with polybar

I not sure if my question will interest anyone but am hoping may be I get a clue for my quest. Would active and non active ws show in polybar on Ratpoison? considering that Ratpoison isnt EWMH compatible.

It came with the Fedora minimal net install. My only thought was why lol. Outside of that, if it isn’t EWMH compatible, the question is still why indeed.

Does ratpoison even support virtua/multiplel workspaces? I know you can group open windows together and switch groups, but I think it is all the same workspace.

So I suspect the answer would be “no”.

If you try this out, let us know how it goes.

If ratpoison isn’t EWMH compatible there is no chance it will work with polybar unless you write a module for it. Is ratpoison even developed any more?

IIRC stumpwm is its predecessor but it might not be getting any live either.

Yes I am using polybar with it but cant see active or non active ws on bar

Yes it is still developed but very slow paced , last release was in 2017

May be we can shift to different ws with skippy-xd ( will test it ) because mod+N becomes boring after a while


Last release was 2017, and going 2-3 years between releases is normal. No recent activity on the git page, but not like that particular wm needs a lot of development.

@PackRat Oh ok. Cool.

What in ratpoison makes you want to use it over other options? No slander intended, genuinely curious.


Nothing special , just was testing how old school /vintage windows manager were are compared to what have we nowadays

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