Ranters on DevRant?

I want to know if someone here use DevRant. Is like a “social” network for developers and the like, many linux users, sisadmins, and kind people who post rants there.

No social media scares me, I bark at the moon… :wink:

No, I haven’t but will check it out.


No I haven’t but as @anon37345411 said I agree with! But on a serious note, do they just rant or do they help each other solve issues with coding?

Originally they just ranted, and ++'d each rant (instead of ‘like’, they ‘++’), but now there are memes, stories, rants, questions, and can organize collaborations for softwares.

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Never heard of it…sounds like potentially toxic environment?..!

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Nah, is kind of therapeutycal, when you rant everyone supports you, and give you recomendations, is people who understand the work of a dev, and similars

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