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Good Day Community,

I am trying to force Ranger FM to open archived/zipped files with File-Roller. I can’t seem to get it to work for some reason. Below is my config for archiving. As you can see, I put the file-roller line right at the top. Currently, the archive is opened in the terminal

# Archives

# avoid password prompt by providing empty password
#ext 7z, has 7z = 7z -p l "$@" | "$PAGER"

ext iso|jar|msi|pkg|rar|shar|tar|tgz|xar|xpi|xz|zip|tar.gz, has file-roller = file-roller -- "$@"

# This requires atool
ext ace|ar|arc|bz2?|cab|cpio|cpt|deb|dgc|dmg|gz,  has als     = als -- "$@" | "$PAGER"
ext iso|jar|msi|pkg|rar|shar|tar|tgz|xar|xpi|xz|zip, has als     = als -- "$@" | "$PAGER"
ext 7z|ace|ar|arc|bz2?|cab|cpio|cpt|deb|dgc|dmg|gz,  has aunpack = aunpack -- "$@"
ext iso|jar|msi|pkg|rar|shar|tar|tgz|xar|xpi|xz|zip, has aunpack = aunpack -- "$@"

# Fallback:
ext tar|gz, has tar = tar vvtf "$@" | "$PAGER"
ext tar|gz, has tar = tar vvxf "$@"
man file-roller
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[user@AL] man file-roller
No manual entry for file-roller 

Not sure why there isn’t a manual for file-roller

LOL that’s actually funny, it doesn’t even come with a man page

file-roller --help