Radio tray

Hi everyone,
does anyone know if you can add radiotray in the polybar bar?
Thank you

I think you can make a custom module for it.
Check the polybar website, I think there is already a radiotray module in the user contributed modules section.

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I did not find anything, you have some links.

Thank you

Found this @ector , wonder where one installs the radio tray in there.

I just looked at the user contributed modules and didn’t see radiotray. Maybe I saw it on some forum.

You should be able to make your own. I don’t know exactly how radiotray works. Just select a radio station off a pull down menu don’t you? If so, you can use the jgmenu module as a template to create a radiotray module.

I repeat that I do not know anything about programming, using the jmenu configuration does not solve, I think it’s a bit more complicated.
Thanks anyway for the interest