Radeon RX 5700 XT driver crashes persist

Wait: does this go into the etc/default/grub.cfg file, or the file that you hit “e” while booting to access? The


line isn’t in the latter.

You edit this line in etc/default/grub.cfg to make changes permanent. Or you can edit the command while booting every time.

We do alias update grub to the actual grub mkconfig command for zsh so don’t feel too dumb.

thx @natemaia I don t feel dumb, someone else wrote it . Too used to debain-BL or such I must say. lol

So I tried all the instructions mentioned above, thanks everyone! I’ll update in a couple weeks if it worked or not!
(If I forget to update assume its fixed. :rofl:)

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This may be (and probably is) a premature joy, but the 5.6.13-arch1-1 kernel, started twice with no special arguments has not hung so far.

well then, I better update and see if that helps too!

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It just crashed again on me… the above suggestions didn’t work :frowning:

Also, last week I had 2 PCIe cables powering my GPU, and it would have the “red-green dot” crash described above. I had to swap out a second PSU cable with a 2-molex to 6-pin adapter this weekend, and now it completely froze and I had to force-reboot it.

Any other ideas? Maybe try MATE or Xfce over Cinnamon?

It just crashed a second time. This happened last week too, it crashed 2 times between 9:00 and 10:30 1 day last week as I’m in a Zoom meeting.

Finally some good news @nwg

What? LOL

BTW, can I run MATE on archlabs linux? It never shows up in the archlabs-Installer program. I’m wondering if running MATE will fix my stability issues or not, given how everyone says MATE is extremely stable vs. Cinnamon.

I would really try anything other than cinnamon, it uses the gpu a lot with all it’s gl, just worth seeing if any of the other DEs have this issue as well or if it’s driver related.

OK, thanks!
How do I install MATE then on archlabs?

Hold on lmgtfy https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/MATE

pacman -S mate mate-extra

For gui display managers it will just be in the menu, if you use xinit

exec mate-session

OK, I’ll try it and see how it goes!

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I can’t figure out how to switch over to MATE… I try to log out but it kicks me right back in to Cinnamon.

Are you using xinit as a login manager?

What shell?

I believe I’m using xinit
as for “shell”, …I think I’m using bash

Post the contents of your ~/.bash_profile, you shouldn’t be logged back in immediately.

To change what session started edit ~/.xinitrc, near the bottom of the file you’ll find a line


Change it to exec the mate session instead (that’s why I mentioned it above)

exec mate-session

Could do it with sed if you prefer

sed -i '/^exec / c exec mate-session' ~/.xinitrc

Regarding you being logged back in immediately, this was an error in our shell profile for auto login.

In your shell profile there will be something like

[ sometest ] && [ sometest ] && exec startx ....

Change it to not use exec

[ sometest ] && [ sometest ] && startx ....

Now when you log out you’ll be dropped in the linux console (as it should be) not logged back in immediately.