R.I.P. Trevor Strnad

Extremely sad news with the passing of Trevor Strand from the Black Dahlia Murder. He had a wicked voice and was extremely funny. I followed him on Twitter and interacted with him a couple of times. Sounds like it was suicide which is pretty sad to hear.

R.I.P. Trevor Strnad :hearts:


Looks young to have gone that soon.


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  1. Definitely too young.

That sux, so young !

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Blabbermouth posted about this. Not much more news of why his suicide:

No that’s why it is such a shock to everyone. No doubt more will come out but I really hope it doesn’t, it’s no ones business outside the family.


The band shared the number to Suicide Hotline, stories of why someone decides to take their own life actually help more than hurt, stuff like depression happens, and it’s best to get ahead of the story instead of someone else speculating on it and posting it on Twitter.

I don’t see comment threads on Blabbermouth, they used to have them, but I can imagine they just turned out to be like most comment threads lately. Sometimes you can find out why in the comments.

Blabbermouth is normally a shitstorm of trolls and fuckwits. Suicide sucks, the effects are just massive. I feel for his family and friends.

He was such a champion of the Metal genre. Every story I have ever read about him described him as the nicest dude in Metal, he went out of his way to promote and get exposure for new bands.


RIP Trevor Strnad


What’s the opposite of rest in peace? Do bodies turn over in their grave?
I prefer to say, His worldly troubles are over.


That’s how I interpret “Rest In Peace” and it’s what I mean when I say it.

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All those album covers you post say otherwise.

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