R.I.P. Sean Connery


Very bad news. RIP Sean. peace to men of good will. :pensive: :weary:

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Yep, loved that actor, specially the Bonds movies !

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Yes and so in The Name of The Rose.

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Yep , this movie also was great;

Oh fsck!


R.I.P. Sean Connery

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You bet !


He was in some great movies.

Yep, sad to see some go .

He “was” James Bond … and so many other memorial characters.
A true Highlander

Thank you Sean, for those long hours of entertainment.
May you Rest In Peace.


Goodbye Mr. Bond.

So true @Sector11

I don’t know what’s more shocking… Sean went on or he was 90. We’re getting old y’all!

RIP brother. I always hear him saying “Indy!”

Yep, as time go by we all see some people go sadly.

He was such a master at his craft, and I’m grateful for all the great characters and scenes.

R.I.P sir Connery.


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Yes sir, he was a great actor.

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There can be only one ~ Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez
RIP Sir Connery

Thx for sharing @geolaw . Wasn t aware of that one weird enough !
Edit; Didn t know of his actor s name in these movies or series.

So Altji, I have a diff opinion on him and Bond movies. I feel that they made it look cool/OK for a man to sleep around w/ every woman he can, and still be the “good guy.” I disagree w/ that idea, w/ that double standard (ie, would a woman Bond also do the same) and that morality. Hence, I don’t have anything very nice to say about this actor or Bondmovies.

No disrespect to anyone on the forum, just my opinion on the issue.

Cheers, and love to all.

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    PS: This is what I found most problematic w/ Islam too: the Quran says that it is perfectly fine for a Muslim man to treat Kafir women as sex objects (in this case, go to the level of enslaving them) and he remains a “good man” who will go to heaven. I simply cannot believe such ridiculous and dangerous nonsense. Ask the Yazidi and Hindu women how dangerous this ideology has been for them.
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