R.I.P. LG from Entombed

One of my first Old School Death Metal bands that really grabbed me. I knew LG had cancer, I didn’t realise he would go so quickly.

At least there is no more pain.

Just about to crank Wolverine Blues in his honour,


49? That is sad. RIP LG.

Yeah to damn young. He didn’t look his age, I think he led a pretty hard life. But cancer is a motherfucker.

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Yep, that`s so true. My mother and 2 friends of mine have also died of cancer.
Fuck cancer!


Agreed, it has taken many close family members and friends. My mother is one of the most important people in my life I can’t imagine life without her, I am sorry for your loss my friend.

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Thank you mate!

You just can’t imagine what this crappy disease does to you.
The last week of her life… Damn, she looked like a pure skeleton that was only covered with thin skin.
That was really hard to see.
Well, life goes on.

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Tears in my eyes as I read that. Reminds me of my Grandad.

Oh I didn’t want to open old wounds now.
Sorry to hear that.

As long as we have these people in our memories, they will never die completely.
Cheer up to all who are going through or have gone through this.

Don’t worry about that mate. We have to talk about this stuff. The pain never goes away but it gets a little better as time moves on. Memories are forever as you say :smiley:

I said that because I felt your pain. So very sad to see a loved one like that and there is nothing you can do but hold their hand and be with them.

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RIP LG, true, fuck cancer.

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