R.I.P John McAfee

John McAfee found dead in his jail cell; apparent suicide.

John McAfee found dead - Catalan News

But maybe not:

McAfee always had style:



R.I.P John.


Sad news in there. Too bad it ended like that.

Weird that they re saying it s a suicide.


LOL, I mean come on, McAfee was a drug addled self loathing fuck up, prone to fantastical thinking and conspiracy theories, and had all kinds of dirt on him. I am surprised he was still alive, prison only saved him from suicide or overdose on his own accord. To compare and conflate McAfee with Bill Gates needs a whole lot more tons of fucking context if you’re going to go there. It’s like comparing Gary Glitter to Pat Boone.

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Epstein also committed suicide. Do you believe it?


See how this thread went from McAfee to Epstein?

This thread is already off the goddamn rails.

It’s in the original post.

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Exactly, is this thread about McAfee, or Epstein? Or even Gates? Is it about Sex Gods?

It’s about McAfee.

That’s McAfee commenting on media coverage of the Gates’ divorce - the guy was hilarious and great at trolling.

Nobody is comparing McAfee to Gates.


McAfee’s wife was a prostitute in her former life. The guy was in so much deep shit, for fuck sake he wound up IN A SPANISH PRISON. A BILLIONAIRE. IN A SPANISH PRISON.

There are loads of stories of he being all fucked up in hotel suites all over Europe, he was a toxic mess of amyl nitrate, coke, MDM, meth, oxy’s, hell I think he was shitcanned from the board over at McAfee and lost his board seat because he was MIA partying his balls off with young girls, hangers on, and drug dealers, then he really when off the deep end after that. I have read stories about him ages ago about him being in deep paranoia, rattling off all kinds of nonsense when the police arrived at his hotel suite, finding him on the floor that had a hooker in the same room.

There are guys like McAfee all over the tech industry, all they need is a private jet, some crypto currency, a passport, and three weeks later, a law firm and six months in rehab. Again I am just surprised he was still alive, although his brain left Earth years ago.

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He definitely followed Hunter Thompson’s prescription of a good run through life. Love him or hate him, what a ride Mr. McAfee!!


“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!”
― Hunter S. Thompson, The Proud Highway: Saga of a Desperate Southern Gentleman, 1955-1967


@PackRat I still see it, no biggie if it was flagged, even by mistake. Sorry if I came off a little bit caustic, I just don’t like disparate subjects to be conflated into one. Because it takes away from the subject at hand.

@Beast I see Blackie Lawless of the band W.A.S.P more in common with McAfee than Hunter S. Thompson. McAfee was a pretty dark individual who was also reckless as well as narcissistic, he’s like a real life combination of two characters on HBO’s “Silicon Valley” - one being Billionaire Russ Hanneman, the other Pete Monyhan, the litigator who was disbarred because he partied his balls off with two underage girls - and I wouldn’t find it much of a stretch of Monyhan’s character was influenced by McAfee’s transgressions. McAfee’s story is both tragic and irredeemable, beyond a cautionary tale, he was a very loathsome individual who treated women like shit, especially young women. He was a wealthy human toilet, beyond excessive and self hating. The other board members over at McAfee couldn’t shitcan him fast enough, he personified the “Asshole Billionaire” to the T.

Winding up in a Spanish prison lulz, I mean he must had fucked up so bad as to not buy his way out of one. Sooner or later you have to eventually wake up after your bender, and apologize for all the stupid shit you did to others along the way. Normal people do that, Asshole Billionaire’s don’t, and it ain’t surprising that no one came to save McAfee, because fuck the guy, he’s an asshole.

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I think you’re right @drummer , and he could probably be even worse than that, no question about it. I think we all agree that he was a narcissist, addict and mentally ill individual huh.

But lets remember, that @PackRat’s intention was just to share the news while cracking some jokes about a very infamous personality from the tech world, there are no moral judgements in the post.

Lets chill brothers, lets chill :sunglasses: :peace_symbol:

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Well that’s where something like this:

“Bill Gates is sued for divorce because of multiple affairs and hanging with the Jeffrey Epstein crowd?? Surely this is a joke. Bill makes Mark Zuckerberg look like a sex god.” - John McAfee

Would keep the context more clear

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Oops, shame on me! hahah That was my bad so… its all cool LoL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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No worries, I am a stickler for context because I used to write for an SBNation NFL fan blog ages ago, and I couldn’t “editorialize” out of the subject at hand and conflate it with something out of left field. Today, well blogs and sites are full of hypothetical context that are meant for page clicks, and anytime we added a quote from a player or coach, we had cite the source, as well as make it clear it was a quote from the source.

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He’s now free
or was he hacked?


He had too much dirt on too many influential people. End game.

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The outlaw certainly have a wicked style.

In many cases the rich likes to protect the rich but not him.