Qutebrowser: How are you blocking ads?

Granted, I have not researhed this much (if at all) but I am curious to hear from the folks that use QB and how they are blocking ads. Mainly from You-Tube videos etc.


Well now, it appears I can at least do :adblock-update

Lets see what that does for me…

Double-Dog Update:
8 mins into a 34 min. You-Tube video and no ad break so far. I’m assuming the yellow marks in the time-line of the vid is where an ad break would happen, so already past one and approaching a second at the 12 min. mark.

Hopefully it will help you out.

Installed QB but haven t tried it enough yet

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I also went with hosts-gen file since I was comparing qutebrowser and surf.

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Ah ha! The blocked-hosts file (among others) are in $HOME/.local/share/qutebrowser

And yes, the :adblock-update did exactly what I needed to have done. This will make flipping from Firefox much easier.

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I use pi-hole and the built in adblocker.

You assumed correctly.

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I downloaded qute a few weeks ago and im using below for hosts file, doesnt block youtube ads though unfortunately. I run palemoon with the ublock origin legacy plugin and that works fine for those annoying adds, but i will have to try some of the suggestions here for qutebrowser and possibly suckless surf as well.