Quick Update to Homepage

I made a few updates at our homepage, www.archlabslinux.com.

Just removed some redunant social links (Google+) and added a couple more and added a FAQ Page (plainly stolen and adapated from the BL one).



Thx for the updates in there @Dobbie03

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I’ve also noticed that the posts are more visible with color blocks and different. Staff position are also spelled out. Nice change to the forum look.

I like that we can see who the mods & admins are, transparency is always a Good Thing :slight_smile:

Great work folks!

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Thx for the hard work & the updates in there @Dobbie03 & the team.

Well … I’ll leave my opinion.

The colors are very vibrant, a more opaque tone, actually decreasing the saturation will help to highlight the text that at the moment is suffering an opposite effect, the text in each color reference is a little out of the center, this higher, with and without extensions and without the translator also, is not proportional, I think the colors of before were not bad, dark interface does not look good with objects in high contrast, following the relative color palette yes, but very strong does not stay cool…

In the image I marked as I see the home page here, in blue the font is a little smaller and the lines mark the raised text.

Please, it is not a criticism but a tip, I opened the page in another system and the same happens, in the smartphone too.

I just want to help but the translator never helps … hahaha …

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I like the change but agree, a little too colorful for these eyes.

I would like to +1 that.

The font alignment is out of my hands but saying that it is perfect on my screen.

If you use one of the newer darker themes I have made it actually suits nicer than the ArchLabs Dark theme does.

I haven’t looked at the new look on my computer yet. But, on my phone and tablet, it kind of jumps out at me. My screen isn’t dark, it’s black (as black as you can get it anyway). I’m guessing if you use a light background, the colors would not be as bright.

I use the Dark Theme.

@everyone I have created the Getting Started category which is here. If anything needs to be added please let me know.


Awesome, I really believe that will help and allow easy participation from all members of the forum. :+1:




This also includes a great diversity of hardware, we know that large screens and high definition is not a reality for many in a computer, and this subject is not within our reach, but it is good to use half terms, I say this because the site is public opinion and this generates a public opinion, which is my case, just that, it is not the rule.

Even with another theme the results are not very different.

It’s all right.

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I’ll have a play around with the colours.

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I’ve put the category colours back to how they were for now.


Thank you :slight_smile:

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OK thank you! haha ha.
But it’s interesting, these colored boxes should allow more adjustments, but it’s like you said, the base of the site does not allow everything.

I think that lowering the saturation already improves a lot and should be nice, yes!
If possible, of course.
Thank you! :+1::+1::+1::joy:

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I need to make a new theme for the forum which will be default and I will adjust those colours at the same time.

I’ll save all of this for the next release.

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