Quick MacBookPro8,2 report

So I started back using Linux semi-regularly back with Crunch Bang, moved to Debian for a short time then to Arch as my distro of choice for the last 5ish years. I loved many things about #! so I thought I should give AL a try on some newly acquired hardware.

I downloaded the latest ISO last night and wrote that out to a USB flash drive using Etcher.

I was a bit iffy using the installer since I tend to have my own options upfront… namely the bootloader. Thus far everything worked as “expected”, which isn’t good nor bad. I kind of expected issues booting with grub… hint the system didn’t boot. I had to reboot off the flash drive and set up systemd-boot. After that everything works as expected.

I do have a couple quick questions a

  • Why doesn’t the installer run mirrors prior to the initial sync?
  • Why doesn’t the installer enable timesyncd?
  • Why yaourt, after all the wiki calls it ‘Discontinued or problematic’ (I just saw thread about trizen which I pressume is about maybe switch?)