Hi there, I am new to ArchLabs and it looks quite interesting and I am going to download and install this OS.

I just have a couple of questions. First of all, does this OS collect any personal information or do any applications collect any personal information and send it off to a server, if so, then is it possible to disable this?

2nd of all, the minimal requirements that this OS needs is a 512 MB of RAM. If I were to use less than 512 MB of RAM, would this OS still be bootable (I know it won’t be very usable)?

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I don t think that AL collects datas of some sort & as for the 2nd question at under 512 MB of ram it would be quite a bit on the slow side.

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Thanks for that

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No problem, just wait on some other advices about ram uses, might give you a hand.

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Hi @anon37670755 and welcome to ArchLabs :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, minimal recommended memory is 512mb although, if you’re able to run and install from the live system, you should be ok for modest usage. Your biggest obstacle will of course, be web browsing.

The developers of ArchLabs are friends, competent at what they do and stand up people. No personal information is collected or used inappropriately.

Have fun.


Thanks bro =D

There was a video where somebody with Windows 10 tested the least amount of RAM reuiqred for it to boot up. And it was around 140 MB. Can this OS beat the very bare minimum requirement?

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@anon37670755 I can only tell you what my systems use. @boot, my desktop idles in around 230mb although it’s always a little heavy as I have other services running. On both laptops, memory consumption @boot is much less, around 180mb +or-. ArchLabs default now does not include a display (login) manager however lightdm is offered during the post install welcome screen (al-hello). I’d suggest not installing lightdm and keeping extra services at a bare minimum.

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Thanks for that mate =D

What I want to really know is that if I had less than a 140 MB of RAM, would this OS still be at least be able to boot up, like Windows 10 can?

I never understood this but how do you guys become moderators, how does it all work, I have been curious to know that is all?

I’ll take your word for it @anon37670755 but booting win10 in any reasonable amount of time or in the slightest degree of comfort with 140mb of memory is nothing short of miraculous. I haven’t been a user of win since xp and even then, it was a resource pig imo. All I can say, is give it a try… Nothing ventured, nothing gained. :slight_smile:

We’re ArchLabs users, love the distro and it’s community and have a little extra time to lend a hand, that’s all :slight_smile:


THanks for that =D

How so you become a moderator though, how were you giving the mod privilages?

& they have some technical knowledge also which isn t my case ! lol

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Yup, Moderator privileges can only be granted by administration and the development team.


@altman Nonsense, you’re every bit as knowledgeable as most of us my friend.

And twice as nice :slight_smile:

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lol, thx mate, you don t see me live you would not say that ! lol Not that nice ! lol j/k

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Oh I see

May I know what made you hate Windows and join the GNU/Linux world?

@anon37670755 No and I’ve tried to be accommodating but will kindly ask you stay on topic regarding the subject matter of this thread. Thanks.

I was just trying to make a conversation with you.

I can truly appreciate that @anon37670755 and welcome it in the appropriate place on the forum but keeping a support thread on topic helps others track an issue and it’s possible solution more easily :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: