Questions on How to Achieve this Config

As suggested by some other people on this forum, I’ve decided to open up a new thread on trying to find or recreate a setup like @rml’s 2020-era screenshots.

Especially this one struck my fancy alongside this and this. If anyone has some insight on how to achieve this on a fresh install of Arch or ArchLabs it would be much appriciated.


@rml is using dk window manager in those screenshots. The Readme file for dk goes through the configuration options. If you have ever used bspwm, it is similar. You can install it with pacman, or choose it from the window manager list during a clean install. It is supported by the AL dev team so you’ll get a basic configuration after installing that you can work with.

You can also get the default configuration files and scripts from the dk window manager bitbucket page.

The original name for dkwm was yaxwm so if rml uses that in some of his posts, it’s the same window manager.

dkwm works well with most panels, most of rml setups use lemonbar or polybar. The default AL setup for dkwm uses lemonbar. Both of those panels are in the AUR. You can install them with baph which is included with AL or your preferred AUR helper.

It’s straightforward to set up the gaps and borders in the dkwmrc file; use picom for transparency and drop shadows.

If you go with polybar, get the polybar-git package from the AUR. It doesn’t break as often with package upgrades.

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dkwm with polybar is the default for my AL setup:


If you want to look at the configs for dkwm and polybar you can find them here.


I use dk as my daily as well

Configs can be found at codeberg / ranjan /dotfiles


Nicee @ranjan . Welcome aboard.

Thanks, Forum wont allow me to post links but in my config there are several preconfigured themes for dk with polybar and rofi

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Oh, guess that it has to do with X amount of posts before posting links or whatever, if I remember well.

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Will definetely use this as a starting point. If rml is a bit active in the coming weeks then I think he himself could give some insight on what colorschemes and fonts he is using

This should be resolved now. Welcome to the forum.

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Nice setup.
Welcome to the forum.

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Nice setup, didn’t even realize how well the tile layout works on ultrawide monitors.

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Thanks! If you look at the rc file I have the layout change based on if my wide screen is connected or not


Great stuff @ranjan, thnx for sharing! Gonna have a more detailed look later, but catpuccin is a nice theme that I just recently used on Plasma. And for wm’s I really like dk. Looks like a great match :ghost:

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Welcome to the forum.

You should be able to post links now.