Question about partitions before installing

Hi everyone, I hope that you can help me with this doubt. I have a lenovo G400s with x86-64 on dualboot with linuxmint 18.3 xfce and W8, I want to delete both OS and make a clean installation of archlabs, so what you recommend me:

  1. modify some partitions with Gparted or another software before installing AL or make the partitions directly during the installation with cfdisk?
  2. Should use the Efi partition of my windows system or I must delete it and create a new one?

This is my partition diagram:

Also any guide, trick, tutorial, for this process that you can give me will be appreciated…

If you’re going to wipe both Mint and Windows to do a clean install, you do not want to keep/use the Win8 efi partition; wipe the entire disk and create a new efi partition for ArchLabs.

You can start by checking the ArchWiki for tips about partitions, efi partitions, installation.

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Easiest would be the auto partition option in the installer, it’ll wipe all the partitions and make 2 new, one 512M for boot and the rest as an ext4 partition, otherwise I use cfdisk it’s simple and does everything besides the filesystem.

For the EFI partition you could use the existing but it’s unfortunate it’s not the first partition, windows has a 1G partition at the start for recovery.

This is a good page

Ok thanks for your help natamaia and PackRat.

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Glad that it s sorted out @tesla , linked your thread into one of mine, might be usefull to other members.

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