Quarantine - made 'more' fun

Whist you are at home watching your lawn grow, dust collect, etc. during these covid-19 times, you may actually be looking for somewhat more ‘geeky’, interesting and fun things to do and share. To that end, please I have created this thread.

I’ll start by saying that I’m engaged in getting my desktop ‘wallpaper’ to dance to my music. Unlike some here, the music I listen to is more old-timey. 16, 17, & 1800s stuff. I am working with glava. If you have not tried it, you might find it interesting and fun. I do, anyway.

Here’s a nice starters guide…

I’m working at figuring how-to have pyWal change the palette and get different patterns to work… useless, I understand.

Here’s a current screenshot:

Edit: here is using two styles at once:




Hard @ work again @manyroads .

Nicee out there.

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@altman what think you?


Looks real fine to me !

Top again @manyroads

Hard at work ! lol

Now I’ll make a few wallpapers… available to anyone for whatever purpose they wish. :innocent:

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That s cool !

Here’s a draft… do you want the logo placed as it is here or elsewhere?


Here & the custom wallpapers thread that I don t remember where it is real quick @manyroads .

As for the logo it s fine with me where it s at right now.

Looks great

@altman @Dobbie03 here are the OB archlabs’ wallpapers. Enjoy!

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Cool ! Top work again. Edit; Bookmarked for future use.
Thx for sharing @manyroads

Thanks for sharing

Just for fun…

and because it’s not just OB anymore…


Nice again @manyroads . Never stop ! lol

Very nice, though I hope the arch guys don’t see the first one :smiley:

Yep , it s BL s logo, not openbox s one, wonder why I haven t noticed before !lol

@altman @Dobbie03 I was just playing around; if you do, however, want me to offer some more serious effort I am happy to provide ideas…

lol, keep it on in there @manyroads !

Wonder if you can make something out of OB s logo, if you want too !


Two questions come to mind…

  1. does archlabs want a strong (primary) affiliation with openbox?
  2. the wiki ob logo is not in svg format and would need to be redeveloped from scratch

the attached image is all I can easily find to work with… (not much).ob3-logo

Don t know about AL s views, but my guess is that AL s based on BL which is based on CrunchBang, so it might be related to Openbox somehow.

Also; too bad OB s logo isn t in the svg format.