Qtile autostart.sh doesnt work

i have made the autostart.sh executable but wont budge no matter what i do
i even tried to change the path in config.py but that wont work either

here is a similar issue


i tried installing qtile in arch and it just works, if anyone can give me any pointers it would be greatly apreciated

Please, post the autostart script.

Are you working from other users qtile setups? Qtile is dependent on your python environment, so it may take more that just copying over someone else’s scripts. You may need some addition python files installed.

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i got it to work finally i am using python 3.8 so i installed qtile from aur and it works,no it was a basic config i was trying to test some things like xclickroot

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quick question how can i change the color of the default border when i delete a file or open bleach bit i cant seem to understand, heres a screenshot

or at least point me in the right direction whether its a dialog or what to search, basically i want my applied border color to be on everything else i know it has something to do with floating rules, i think

Look through the ~/.config/qtile/config.py file and find the lines that define any colors. Something like:


Then change the colors to your liking.

The floating rules will define what application windows will float by default. I think the transient windows like the confirmation dialog window in your screenshot are already hard coded to float.

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yes but i dont have floating layout enabled only monad tall, so i have to add

layout.MonadTall(**layout_theme), to floating as well? i did that to all layouts before no change

and another quick question in polybar is it possible to make the arch updates module appear only when there is a update with exec if command?

type = custom/script
;exec = pacman -Qu | wc -l
exec-if = ./.config/polybar/check-all-updates.sh
interval = 100
label = %output%
format-foreground =#FF0000
format-underline = #FF0000

Check out the main polybar thread, I think this has been done.

You can add the floating layout to your configuration if you need to. Or you can add applications you need to float - like xcalc - to the floating rules.

That transient window in your screenshot is something different. Many tiling window managers are coded to recognise that a transient window spawned by the application needs to float above the tiled windows on the desktop.

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