Q: Why don't I have the context menu available?

Hello everyone!

All nice and great with DK as a WM, I like the simplicity and it also looks great. I had a Awesome WM in the past, but I think I’ll stick with DK instead.

One question tough. Why is that when I’m on firefox for ex. right clicking does nothing. It seems that context menus do not work in various applications running on DK.

Is there a config that I need to do or something?


Welcome aboard, does your Firefox is on a full window mode !

You might have to click underneat FF s in order to right or left-click . ( If it s the same way as OpenBox that is).

These links might help you out also;


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You mean right-click on firefox for their built-in context menus? You should be seeing those; I see them on my system. What other applications are not showing the context menus?

There are no menus when clicking on the dk desktop.


Yeah, no menu, no nothing on right-click. I had look into different apps like Inkscape, Slack, but no luck.

Then I remember seeing some input rules in the Xorg config. So I had an ideea. Got up and grabbed a real mouse. (Btw, I’m using a laptop, has a relatively nice touchpad, but I’m using it so that I don’t have to bother carrying a mouse everywhere with me.)

Anyway, the mouse right-click works and I can see context menus where they should be.

The strange thing is that I previously had a WM running with Wayland and the right click of the touch pad worked fine so that’s why I thought DK was “the issue” but this is not a case and it’s most probably a Xorg misconfiguration.

I still have a lot of work, like figure out hw function keys for backlight & sound level, make sure the proper graphics are installed and etc…

Anyway, thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Look in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d

There is probably a file in there you can remove or edit to get your touchpad working. Search the forum, some of these input errors have been covered.

What laptop and graphics card?

And welcome to the forum. Enjoy the distro.


Hi there, do you have xf86-input-synaptics installed ?
Check out /etc/X11/xorg.conf/40-touchpad.conf

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