Put 2 panels of polybar in i3 (resolved)

Good afternoon, my name is Yoli, and I write from Spain.
First, say hello to the whole forum.
I just installed the latest version, and I’m using the i3 desktop, the truth is that everything is very fluid, the only thing I can not do is put a second polybar on the bottom of my desktop.
Can someone give me a hand?
Thank you very much in advance and greetings.

Hello @yoli

Yea you can set up multiple panels using polybar, you will need to make another bar to be used as the second though.

I honestly suggest you check out the polybar wiki

I’ll give you a quick rundown of the ArchLabs setup

  • configs are stored in ~/.config/polybar
  • we use a split config setup to keep the configs to a reasonable size
  • the main config ~/.config/polybar/config is where actual bars are kept
  • a template for making bars (kinda) is ~/.config/polybar/master.conf
  • modules (items in the bar) are kept in ~/.config/polybar/modules.conf

‘Bars’ are created by adding a new bar to the main config ~/.config/polybar/config here’s a snippet of what a new bar might look like


; this line inherits all the properties of the master (template) bar
inherit = bar/master

; if you use a multi-head setup then setting this may be required
; Use $ xrandr -q | grep " connected" | cut -d ' ' -f1
monitor =

; whether the bar is located at the top or bottom of your screen
bottom = true

; only thing truly required after inheriting from master
; setting which modules should be added, and where
modules-left = menu
modules-center =
modules-right = memory temperature coreuse

Once this is all done run


This is a small application that handles setting up different bars for different window managers, it also finds which bars are in your configs, pick which bars you want loaded, press OK and you should have them launched automatically.

al-polyzen creates ‘sessionfiles’ to store which bar is run for which window manager, to have your session loaded at startup in i3 add this line to your i3 config (if you haven’t changed it, it’s already in there)

exec_always --no-startup-id al-polybar-session

To change the colours, sizes, fonts, etc… edit the master bar that the other bars inherit from ~/.config/polybar/master.conf

Hope that helps, polybar has a ton of options/configuration so the wiki and/or man page is your best friend



Thank you very much, I have already achieved it, very kind.

a greeting.

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