Provisioning Archlabs with Ansible

Hi y’all

A while ago I did start a repo with to keep my ansible provisioning for archlabs ( and other arch flavoured distros I suppose ).
I am currently having about 50 roles ( could be more ) that configures my archlabs when need and to keep a few of my archlabs computers in sync for all config and packages by using ansible-pull

The reasons behind this post are:

  • Get some opinions around these roles/config ( be constructive if you would :wink: )
  • Anyone wants to contribute? Really looking forwards to work with someone on this

I was really hoping I could inspire and interest someone to collaborate, really open to it!

Some of the users in the arch community might find it uncontroversial to provision arch some will find it useful. I find it useful
Using this repo I am achieving 5 full system in 45 mins post OS installation and continuous sync of all configs across all 5 devices

You can find the repo under

Lets talk about it !

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Top @stilia.johny .

Hard at work in there ! Keep it on.