First, I did search the forum and only found references to ProtonMail & secondly, hope this is the appropriate category.

I’m using ProtonMail and considering taking the leap and pay for the discounted VPN package.

My questions are the following:

  • Any of you using ProtonVPN?

  • Any issues with getting it up and running properly?

  • Which region appears to have the best reliability?

Thanks in advance.

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I enjoyed their free version so much I paid for the full version. That’s how far as I made it. It was very slow from Canada and with all the paid ones I have tried over the years I decided to ask for my money back which they did no questions asked. Read a lot of good things about them, but just didn’t work out for me.
Good Luck

I used to use VPN’s when I leeched off of Usenet, I usually went with the ones who don’t log activity. Free VPN’s back then did, I subscribed to one that didn’t that I paid a small monthly fee for, and the real expense was external hard drives lulz.

Thankfully terabytes were getting less expensive. When you’re shopping for HD’s that are beyond the 5TB range, it was time to get off of Usenet.