Protonvpn - DNS Leaks

Anyone else experiencing this? Any solutions discovered?

The first pic is without a protonvpn connection. The next three are after successfully connecting.

protonvpn dns leaks support

they provide some information and support.


Make sure ipv6 is off.


Should of asked if you were using Firefox as well, if so check these settings.

Settings → General → Network settings → and make sure ‘Enable DNS over HTTPS’ is NOT check marked.

Then close Firefox and restart.


Not sure I understand the issue

Here’s what I know: I do not understand the issue.

OK! I had that perfect! I’m happy.

Reported to them. Exchanged several emails. They don’t know, just fishing - maybe this maybe that try this whatever.

Disabled ipv6 and will try again.

Not using Firefox. I use Vivaldi (chrome based).

Disabled ipv6. still shows leaking.

Don’t understand what you’re worried about?

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That’s my real IP address leaking through, even when connect to the internet via VPN.

I signed up for a trial with and I’m getting the same kinds of leak as with protonvpn. Ergo it seems that there is something amiss with my own settings. But what?
I put in a service request with both ivpn and proton, so we’ll see what comes back.

Did you restart your network connection after making this change?

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What’s the output of:
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I did restart the computer. FFS this forum now wont upload an image. The output you requested shows me connected to a server in Montreal and leaks to my real IP address.

Does it show ipv6 unreachable?

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Yes. After some further digging on the site, it appears that the problem may be with Network Manager. Since I the only connecting from my home I could try disabling that.

I disabled Network Manager and enabled dhcpcd. All seems to be working correctly. No leaks show in any of the tests I have run:

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