Programs freezes after steam game

Hi all. I’m having this annoying problem since a while and I can’t find a solution.

I have Archlabs with Openbox. I’ve installed Steam and I can play games without problems. But later, when I try to use certain programs (Firefox,qpdfview, Mathematica 12…) after a few seconds the program freezes. With freezes I mean the program stops refreshing, it is still working. I have to move to another program (using Alt+Tab, or moving to another tab in the case of Firefox) and then go back so the program starts to refresh again. Some seconds later the problem starts again. I have to reboot my computer in order to stop this from happening.

I have a laptop Thinkpad T460 with Intel HD520. I’ve installed Intel graphics following the Arch Wiki.

That’s a bit vague, are you using xf86-intel-video or are you using X’s builtin modesetting DDX driver instead? The modesetting driver is supposedly less buggy so perhaps try that if you’re not already using it.

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. I was using xf86-intel-video. I uninstalled it and the problem was solved. Thanks!

In some forums I read that you can go back to the X’s modesetting driver by just uninstalling xf86-intel-video. But when I restarted my computer it got stuck in boot. I found that it is also necessary to remove the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf.