Problems with the install menu

Hi there. I’ve recently downloaded a fresh Arch Labs iso and burnt it to disk, and on booting it up I noticed that the install options are missing.

All I have are these options;

Boot existing OS

Run Memtest 86 (RAM test)

Hardware Information (HDT)


Power Off

Can anyone please advise? I’m thinking that maybe the best way forward is to use the TAB key to eliminate one of the options and then type something else instead.

Thanks in advance,

Welcome to Archlabs. Boot into the live environment first, then follow what’s on the project’s home page.

“To install ArchLabs, open the terminal, enter installer to start the installation process.”

Thanks for replying. I can’t boot into the live environment, that’s the whole point, because there isn’t an option on the boot menu that enables me to do that.

Did you verify the iso with the checksum file?

Try downloading again. Verify the iso before burning it to a thumbdrive.

How did you burn the iso?
Using dd works best.


Thanks for replying. No, I didn’t verify it; maybe I should have done. I generally burn to DVD-R rather than use a thumb drive.


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I have encountered this kind of problem a few times and I have usually solved this by booting to BIOS and change boot order/priority to USB-disk.

Have you tried that?


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Thanks for replying womp. No, I haven’t yet but I’ll definitely try it.

I’m getting low on blank DVD-Rs to burn ISOs to so it might be a good time now to think about using a pendrive instead; the trouble is that the only spare one I know the location of is a Kingston and people have reported problems in using one of those as an install medium.


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Might be a glitch from the latest forum software update. @Dobbie03 will see this post and hopefully be able to correct that for you.


Hi again!

I have used many brands of usb-sticks and some have been defect but I can´t name any specific brand with problems.
Do you know how to burn image to usb-stick?
Do you know how to get in to bios?


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Have you went into your computers UEFI/Bios menu (F2 key or F10 key i believe at boot) and play around with the load order, most Linux isos have 3 options, 2 UEFi Isos & 1 Bios, Bios is usually the 1 least likely to be corrupt and see if it boots the Bios no UEFI, if it does the UEFI is corrupt, so do a fresh install of the iso, and try burning again, however id recommended USB Flash Drive, as all you need is Rufus to make a bootable iso, or from Linux "sudo dd if=/iso/file/location/here of=/dev/sd? bs=512 status=progress

Also i believe in bios & the F12 key at boot, you can manually force it to boot cd-R/rw first.

Edit: sometimes you have to turn off “UEFI Only” mode in bios to see bios isos, depending how new or advanced your rig is.

Thanks for your reply. It’s fine with an earlier version of Arch Labs, and also with two new distros I’ve tried in the last week and burnt to DVD-R. I think it’s most likely a bad burn or download.

I’m editing just fine now :slight_smile: Thanks for your trouble.

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Sorry i could’nt help more, if it was the same problem for a USB that i can do blindfolded, CD’s its been a long time since i even owned one haha, long before i even got into Linux myself. Have a good one.

Don’t worry about it, I’m always grateful for anyone who tries to help.

I think there are pluses and minuses with both install media. At the moment I don’t have a good spare USB drive so I have to use DVD-Rs to burn my ISOs to, but those will run out one day (I’ve got about a dozen left), and when that happens that will be the time to look again at getting another USB drive for installation purposes.

Get 1 big usb (128GB or bigger) and use ventoy.

Thanks for the tip! I have a much smaller USB drive (8 GB), but was still able to use it to boot a different distro from its ISO (I deleted the old Arch Labs ISO because it seems to have been a bad download).

And it loaded much more quickly than it would have done had I burnt it to a DVD-R too. I could definitely get used to this.

Glad that you got it fixed @Colonel_Panic

Hi there altman, thanks for replying.

It wasn’t really fixed unfortunately, because when I tried to install the distro from my pendrive I had the same fault as I got when I tried to install from the same ISO when I’d burnt it off to a blank DVD-R - the installation froze very early on and wouldn’t proceed. It was just that when I booted it from my pendrive I didn’t have to use up a DVD-R to do it.

So, I decided that the easiest thing to do would be to install a different distro to my hard drive instead, one that I knew would be OK to use right away, and that I did. I’m still interested in trying Arch Labs again but it will have to wait until I get some more space on the drive.