Problems with rofi

currently, I have 2 problem with rofi:

  1. In the search filed, the keyboard language is ignored (during installation, I configured German keyboard, but in the drun search field “z” and “y” are switched)

  2. After some time, when I press the Super key to start rofi, an error message appears “Shortkey <ALT+F1 could not be started - Child process ‘xfce4-popup-applicationsmenu’ couldn’t be executed (no file or directory)”

Any idea how to solve this?

Can you post your config?

Which file(s)? There’s no rofi config in ~/.config. I only found a file “rofi_run” in ~/bin:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

NAME=$(basename “$0”)

cat <<- EOF



 -h,--help          Display this message

 -v,--version       Display script version

 -r,--run           Application launcher

 -w,--window        Switch between windows

 -l,--logout        System logout dialog

 -b,--browser       Browser search by keyword (requires surfraw)

 -q,--qalculate     Persistant calculator dialog (requires libqalculate)

 -c,--clipboard     Select previous clipboard entries (requires greenclip)

Without any options the run dialog will be opened.


for arg in “$@”; do
case $arg in
exit 0
echo -e “$NAME – Version $VER”
exit 0
rofi -modi run,drun -show drun -line-padding 4
-columns 2 -padding 50 -hide-scrollbar
-show-icons -drun-icon-theme “ArchLabs-Light”
rofi -modi window -show window -hide-scrollbar -padding 50 -line-padding 4
hash qalc &>/dev/null ||
{ echo “Requires ‘libqalculate’ installed”; exit 1; }

        rofi -modi "calc:qalc +u8 -nocurrencies" -padding 50 \
            -show "calc:qalc +u8 -nocurrencies" -line-padding 4 \
        hash greenclip &>/dev/null ||
            { echo "Requires 'greenclip' installed"; exit 1; }

        rofi -modi "clipboard:greenclip print" -padding 50 \
            -line-padding 4 -show "clipboard:greenclip print" \
        hash surfraw &>/dev/null ||
            { echo "Requires 'surfraw' installed"; exit 1; }

        surfraw -browser="$BROWSER" "$(sr -elvi | awk -F'-' '{print $1}' |
            sed '/:/d' | awk '{$1=$1};1' |
            rofi -hide-scrollbar -kb-row-select 'Tab' \
            -kb-row-tab 'Control+space' -dmenu \
            -mesg 'Tab for Autocomplete' -i -p 'Web Search' \
            -padding 50 -line-padding 4)"
        if grep -q 'exec startx' $HOME/.*profile; then
            ANS="$(rofi -sep "|" -dmenu -i -p 'System' -width 20 \
                -hide-scrollbar -line-padding 4 -padding 20 \
                -lines 3 <<< " Lock| Reboot| Shutdown")"
            ANS="$(rofi -sep "|" -dmenu -i -p 'System' -width 20 \
                -hide-scrollbar -line-padding 4 -padding 20 \
                -lines 4 <<< " Lock| Logout| Reboot| Shutdown")"

        case "$ANS" in
            *Lock) i3lock-fancy ;;
            *Reboot) systemctl reboot ;;
            *Shutdown) systemctl -i poweroff ;;
            *Logout) session-logout || pkill -15 -t tty"$XDG_VTNR" Xorg ;;
        printf "\nOption does not exist: %s\n\n" "$arg"
        exit 2


(( $# == 0 )) && “$0” -r

exit 0

It looks like you have an Openbox &/or XFCE install, is that right !

Edit: There should be an Application Menu . Check it out also. Might do the trick. That s for the 2nd issue here.

Might also have to do with this thread also:

That’s right, I use Openbox (and no XFCE). Seems that only some XFCE tools have been installed (I did not select them explicitely during installation). During installation, I selected German keyboard layout. So, I expected that this is used by all applications. Rofi has no application menue. Also in the Openbox menue, I did not see any possibility to configure rofi.

Bet that some XFCE apps are installed in OpenBox by default if I do remember well. But that some might be missing also.

Have a look at that thread also, might help you out.For your Rofi issue

@altman Thanks for the hint, but that thread is only about rofi config wrt. design and colors. I will create a bug report.

Ok, hoped it could ve been in any help.