Problem updating

So, I’ve noticed for the last 3 or 4 days that running Pacman -Syu wasn’t updating anything on my system, it even didn’t synchronize the package databases saying they’re all “up to date”.

I’ve checked my mirror list file and I’m using the first world wide server
Server =$repo/os/$arch
So I commented it out, and enabled the first 3 German servers:
Server =$repo/os/$arch Server =$repo/os/$arch Server =$repo/os/$arch
And ran Pacman -Syu to see that I have 53 package updates.

Why did this happen?

The original mirror is out of sync, it was last updated over a week ago:

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Thx for that @anon42040838

Okay that makes sense, thank you for your reply.

I went over to the Arch forums and searched for “evowise” to see whether this was the case, I thought there would be some news or thread about someone having this same issue, don’t know why I haven’t searched or checked the official mirror status.

I was on the Arch forums for another problem before and someone mentioned that the evowise server is usually pretty good, which added to my feeling of if this is the servers fault then there definitely people talking about this.