If you, as an old hand, can’t print, then who can?
Well, I don’t necessarily need it either, it’s mainly a matter of principle for me.
just like when i have a car, it has to drive…

At the moment, I tend to run over the printers with my car.

Oh, loads of people & or members are much better than I am @volkmannold ! lol

Looks like it would be the thing to do sometimes ! lol

Edit; I must say that I haven t tried real hard to install the printer. lol

NEC Pinwriter P7 Plus - A3 variant of the P6 Plus. Weight just under 13 kg.
It was easier to get it to work, but it makes a hell of a noise :slight_smile:

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brother-hll2360d 3.2.0_1-1

I don’t know why, with the package the laser printer spits out pages as if it had never done anything else.

Ergo, works, issue solved…

cu, stephan

Glad that you got it to work @volkmannold

It s weird sometimes how things are going on on Linux.