Previous archlabs config files

Hi! I just reinstalled arhclabs, but i lost my config files. Termite and zsh are now raw, and i liked the way it came configured before. Are those configuration files available somewhere?

You can probably find a termite config in our skel repo history here

The shell configs were slightly modified versions of my own and you can get my current ones from here

Please don’t just copy everything as is, some thing may be hardcoded or specific to my use case. Instead I suggest copying .zsh/fpath as is then reading through .zsh/.zshrc and removing things you don’t want or are hardcoded for me.

As an alternative you can find the shell configs from our previous iso release in our iso repo history here

As always I suggest making backups of your own if there are things you want to preserve, we offer no guarantee things won’t drastically change.


Great! Thank you, i’ll start there