Prepare for cyber-attacks

@Discord and @Trello are among Russia’s preferred malicious attack vehicles. If you use these, take appropriate security actions to protect yourself/ your organization. IT staff warned cyberattacks may follow Ukraine invasion • The Register #Ukraine @DefenceU


Thx, fortunatly, I don t use any of those. It might happen or might not, hopefully not.

Better be aware than being caught offguard !

Ah yes - but the million dollar question is this: What bad actors are actually doing that :wink:
And I emphasis the word actually

Of course, we all KNOW it’s really @altman pulling all the strings


Altman, go home in USSR ! :rofl:

Lol, I live pretty far from the USSR.

FAKE NEWS from altman!!!

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Lol, bad boys in here !

The only thing that I screw up is my installs .

I know you live in Canada but I bet you can see Russia from your home… Oh wait, that’s Alaska :wink:

Yep, more your home ! lol

Alaska must be really cold on Winter time ! Better be @ my place, might be a lot less cold.

I say, just drop the nukes on us all. Get it over and done with. We are such a stupid form of life.
Well, except for the Doobster :wink:

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Yep, it might turn up real sour if they do stupid shit in there.

I agree. I think we need a title change here.

Either way the situation is fucked but anyone could actually be doing this.

@manyroads can you update the title please.

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LOL - I thought of just checking in on lunch break while checking out either a Sig P365 or an M&P Plus
I’ll be like, “Oh hon, look what I got for you… Oh damed babe. Sorry about the toe…”

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FWIW in other news… Twitter is available via onion.

Alright my fellow squirly-men, I need to head back to the salt mines.