Powerline-shell [SOLVED]


Very nice distro, it’s my favorite Bspwm/i3 distro at least. Well, let’s say that it’s my favorite tiling wm distro.

So, everything is just fine, but when i tried to add a little bling (powerline-shell) to my terminal, it didn’t work for some reason. I followed this tutorial. https://github.com/b-ryan/powerline-shell Pip installed the program and added the required lines in bash.rc, but no luck.

I’m on latest AL bspwm and i use Termite and Guake terminals.

What shell are you using?

AL default is zsh, so you’ll need to add…


function powerline_precmd() {
    PS1="$(powerline-shell --shell zsh $?)"

function install_powerline_precmd() {
  for s in "${precmd_functions[@]}"; do
    if [ "$s" = "powerline_precmd" ]; then

if [ "$TERM" != "linux" ]; then

… to your ~/.zshrc if using the default shell.

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It’s bash.

Are you sure you’re not using zsh?

Yes, i chose bash in the install. I guess i can switch to zsh and try with that.

EDIT: Didn’t work with zsh either.

Ok, yeah I suppose you could. I’ve never used powerline-shell myself so perhaps someone more knowledgeable will be along shortly.

I installed from AUR instead of pip.

Yes, my shell is zsh on this machine. I’ll check on another one.

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Arch & Bash:

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Ok, i got it to work in zsh, but now Neofetch is gone. :smiley: Oh well… Things must be pretty well, when you battle with this kind of a very minor problems. :stuck_out_tongue:

It says “zsh: command not found: neofetch”.

Sounds like you just don’t have neofetch installed, try

baph -i neofetch

Or if you just want our status script (the default included) add this to the end of your shell rcfile


You’re right, it wasn’t installed. I thought it was, because it showed fine in bash shell. I don’t know… Maybe it was some special “Archlabs Neofetch thing” that doesn’t work in other shells?

Anyway, now everything is ok, i have enough bling in my terminal. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Glad it’s sorted :slight_smile:

Is it possible you were confusing neofetch with ArchLabs’ in house info script (al-info)

Glenn, that must be it. It looked like Neofetch, so i thought…

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Right on… Water under the bridge now :yum:

Funny, couple weeks ago… I was editing neofetch and no matter what I did, saw no change.

Then it dawned (like a hammer to the head) on me, I was editing neofetch but displaying al-info :joy:

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