Powerline not displaying

Hello everyone! Really enjoying exploring this distro. Unfortunately I ran into some issues trying to get powerline to display in urxvt bash.

I followed the install guide at the arch wiki here:

I’ve also tried pointing to the /usr/lib/python folder in my bashrc rather than /usr/share and that yielded the same result.

Is there something I am missing? Any help would be appreciated.

zsh is the default shell in ArchLabs; did you change that to bash?

Or, have you set up powerline for both bash and zsh?

I found using this community bash-it repo set up powerline nicely when i tried it out.

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Yes I chose bash during install, neofetch also shows that the current shell is bash.

This seems interesting I may have to try this if I cannot find another solution.

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Maybe it’s a question of color rendering in URxvt, try and edit a little more your .bashrc:

export TERM=“rxvt-unicode-256color”

and your .Xresources:

URxvt*termName: rxvt-unicode-256color

logout, login

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Likely conflicting with the default configs, comment everything in your bashrc from the PS1=...... to the #neofetch lines, or do

sed -i '37,51d' ~/.bashrc   # removes lines referencing default configs
rm -r ~/.bash   # remove default configs
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This indeed seems to be the solution. Any idea what line in particular would be causing the conflict?

It will be a lot more than one line, the setup for PS1 is pretty extensive, it’s just the prompt though so if you know a bit of shell it won’t be too hard to remove all the prompt setup, otherwise just use one or the other.

You aren’t missing out on much, the shell configuration is being removed in favour of the arch defaults going forward.

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Appreciate the heads up and quick response. I’m strongly considering switching to zsh permanently in the near future to explore that side of things. However for now this solution works for me, cheers.

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