Power usage increase with new kernel update

I just updated my system with the new lts kernel and my power consuptions went from between 5w-6w to 12w-14w after the upgrade. Does anyone know why the new kernel is drawing so much power?

old kernel version= lts 4.19.101-1
new kernal version= lts 5.4.19-1

Because it’s so powerful !!

All kidding aside, I’m using the same LTS kernel as well. I’ll let you know what I find out on my end. What’s your computer’s specs/components for reference? I’m on a thinkpad e560, the i7 version with AMD discrete graphics.

Edit: I mostly use it as a desktop with external components (monitor, keyboard, etc.) so I don’t really notice power consumption. I only take the thing on the go when I head to the courthouse for work.

I have listed my specs bellow. I have downgraded to the 4.19-lts kernel and power consumption went back to normal so im pretty sure is is the new 5.4-lts kernel.

         OS: ArchLabs Linux x86_64 
         Host: Aspire E5-575G V1.47 
         Kernel: 4.19.101-1-lts 
         Uptime: 11 hours, 17 mins 
         Packages: 943 (pacman) \
         Shell: bash 5.0.11 
    I    cons: ArchLabs [GTK2/3] 
         CPU: Intel i5-6200U (4) @ 2.800G 
         GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 940MX 
         GPU: Intel Skylake GT2 [HD Graph 
         Memory: 1635MiB / 15908MiB

How are you measuring the power consumption? Try powertop to analyse usage.

Regressions are rife in Linux so I wouldn’t rule that out here, I suppose you could try the vanilla kernel to see if they’ve corrected any problems.

Using the old LTS version is not recommended, it contains known vulnerabilities that every script kiddie in China will be trying to exploit.


Thx for the warning @anon42040838. Haven t tought about it.

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I have been using powertop.

Thanks for the suggestion and warning, Head_on_a_Stick . I will try the most recent vanilla kernel and see if that make a difference.

take care

Can you verify the increased consumption through any other methods? For example, is your battery getting used up quicker?

It could be that the new kernel reports power consumption differently but there is actually no substantial change at all.

yes. My battery does get used up quicker and my laptop gets really hot. Here is a link to my reply to a different thread. See what you think.