Power management on new install

Sorry to say but no luck, I’m going to try a fresh install on my side but with xfce and openbox to see what happens.

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Re-install Openbox with XFCE and the same for both, no icon just a circle with a line.

IIRC there was a lot of chatter on this in the MX Linux forum. Maybe a search there will help.

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Same with the BL forum.

@sammiev - I just switched to mate-power-manager and it’s working. It also honors the light/dark elements of the theme so the battery icon isn’t always black. If you can live with the mix of mate and xfce4 that’s one easy fix; mate-power-manager doesn’t pull in any (many) additional dependencies.


ummm…, that’s a bad news. Either the installer or upstream icon pkg is having issues. Need to be taken care of.


Funny how my Arch install is working perfect. All the same files unless it’s a modified file from another source.

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Now why I didn’t think of that! Works perfect @PackRat :+1:



I’ve switched over to mate applications on my AL and Void systems; caja gives dual pane gui file manager and mate-power-manager actually works better with my brightness keys etc …

As far as you r Arch system working with xfce4-power-manager, it seems to be a hit and miss with the xfce4-power-manager icon. It’s was sort of working on my AL install, but the icon doesn’t honor the light/dark and is always black. There was also a lot of work with the AL icon sets this development cycle to decrease the size of the package and iso. So we are probably not entirely blameless.


Guys, pls test the new installer (v2.18). I was having issues using it. Had to go back to 2.14 to get the system installed. The xfce4-power-manager icon displays fine in OpenBox.

All I can do is laugh. :wink:

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Just finish doing a fresh install with no issues from the installer.

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That s some good news !

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Good to know. The power icon displays right?

Nope, same old circle with a line in the middle.

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I can not use the installer in my VM. Somebody needs to take a look at it. Since xfce4-power-manager is used in almost all WMs, it needs to be taken care of.

If using VB you need to leave the settings for the monitor as is until the install is finished or it will crash.
I’m using QEMU/KVM without issues.

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It’s not the display settings. I was having keyring issues in the installer.

Check his power icon issue in your new install. If it appears to be a problem, need to resolve it.

Yes, the power icon is broken. But no key-ring issues.