Post your zsh prompt!


Everyone -

I hope this hasn’t been posted before and since I just started tweaking my zsh last night, I thought that maybe some of us would like to share.

Mine is pretty simple and to the point:

PROMPT=’%{$(pwd|grep --color=always /)%${#PWD}G%} %(!.%F{red}.%F{cyan})%n%f@%F{yellow}%m%f%(!.%F{red}.)%#%f ’



Looks nice Chris :grinning:


Good idea, not on my AL install right now, gotta do it later on @chris60601


Nice @chris60601.

Here is mine:




We are using the same theme :smiley:


Awe yeah - I thought I was missing some extra stuff. Gotta check out the fortunes also.


Nicee @subjunkie




@subjunkie looks nice! Also nice to see aura there :wink:
If you’d like to message me I can work out a solution to your terminal name breaking the formatting?


Thank you. Terminal name breaking? Doesnt matter. It is OK for me. :grin: