Post installation problem

So, something in an update borked my existing installation yesterday. Today unknowingly downloaded and installed 2018.5 as that’s what’s still here and experienced many of the same issues as @sevenday4 did here. So, after remembering his post I purposely grabbed 2018.6… Re-installed, checked everything out… opened thunar and made sure I could mount my Backup & Media shares (I could), then upon finding everything working correctly, ran al-hello. Went through the process and again… Went fine.

Problem now is, I’m no longer able to mount any other partition and receive…

Failed to mount “BlaBlaBla”
Not authorized to perform operation<

This is an issue I’ve dealt with before and apologize if it’s trivial but quite honestly, I’m exhausted and getting rather frustrated at this point & would appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction.

Might be a polkit issue. Did you get an error message at boot that the polkit service failed to start?

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@PackRat, thanks for replying. No errors @ boot. Figured it was a polkit issue, was able to mount shares just fine until after running al-hello.


Comma separated list of modules to load.

Use asterisk to load all the modules.


Valid options are ‘ondemand’ or ‘onstartup’.


** I think what I’ll do, is re-install again and not run al-hello as everything works fine before I do (obviously, something that I’m installing through al-hello is overwriting a polkit rule or deleting it altogether.)

Wonder if you need to be root in here or that it s having to do with permissions, had issues like you hve, but years ago, can t remember what I did concerning this sorry.

Edit: added stuff

Or it has nothing to do with what I wrote.

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Well, reinstalled AL 2018.06 about 6times with and without LightDM but after al-hello installations, I would reboot and get black screen after grub. I have. Tried to configure greeter, Nvidia settings, and LightDM configuration; they failed. I tried Lxdm and got the same results. I am getting very anoid and tired. Anyone have any ideas?

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That sux mates, one that worked for my install was AL 2018.05, but it s on an old lappy, might/might not work on your end, Other releases didn t work somehow.

Gotta be from hardware, wonder if inxi -Fxz output from terminal can be of any help from other members or on your end.

Hope someone can fix this.

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but after al-hello installations, I would reboot and get black screen after grub.

Did you both happen to try and install nvidia drivers from al-hello? Borked my ArchLabs twice trying that - black screeen after grub. Tried it with pacman from terminal a third time, with same result - so I’ll blame the nvidia package, not al-hello.

Do both of you install a lot of packages from the al-hello? If you’re each just selecting a couple items, might be worth comparing notes.


I am beginning to wonder. I had no issues with Nvidia drivers before now. I am going to try reinstalling my Nvidia drivers again and for a safety net nouveau. I do know that nvidia-340xx has upgraded recently, but it was working fine with earlier versions of AL.:pensive:

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Yeah, I just decided to go back to 2018.05. Can’t seem to get two newer iso to work. .05.1 threw me out when it could not find my networks, although networkmanager had no problems linking up. .06 will let me install everything through al-hello but after reboot, it allows grub then I get a black screen. Not sure what’s going on.


You get a black screen but can you still access tty ?

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I tried to install Nvidia drivers initially and it completely borked everything. My subsequent installs were just done without the Nvidia options and it worked fine.

Unfortunately, I don’t have more details for you regarding version numbers. I just re-installed fresh because I was busy with refurbishing an old laptop and exorcising the Windows demons.

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Well , gotta stick to my 05 install seeing what s going out , wonder if their s a bug for Nvidia drivers.

On debian you can hold to a version with apt-mark hold command, I don t know if it exists on arch distros. That might do the trick here.

Edit: did you change your repo ! might have to do also with it, but I guess it s not the very reason everything borks on upgrades.

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did you install windows on that machine ??
Because it could also be the new version of windows10
For example, having windows set to start fast

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@PackRat, @sevenday4, @altman, @DevilEars and @gazeka74… Thanks everyone for your reply :slight_smile:

So, I was relegated to using my phone to post last night, fed up with it’s small screen and slept on it.

If it’s of help to anyone else and after experimenting, I believe I’ve narrowed my particular problem down to the installation of Print Support through al-hello. I went through the list line item and found it to be the only install from al-hello which alters Polkit rules and does so by adding one. Somehow, I believe that to be the culprit.

So I’ll continue with the fresh install, make note of each app or service I install and if a problem arises, I’ll let everyone know.

BTW, I do not install extra drivers.

@Dobbie03 & @natemaia, I’d suggest removing 2018.5 from available downloads as nearly all (with the exception of this polkit issue) the problems I was experiencing, were resolved with 2018.6


If referring to me, this particular machine’s brand new and removing win10 was the first thing I did :slight_smile:

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Approved ! lol

Any issues installing AL besides issues mentionned.I mean ms not wanting to have linux installing.

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I couldn’t get past the black screen. I even tried to use 2018.06 iso live but couldn’t get to the files I needed access to. I’m going to reinstall .06 on a spare partition and see if I can find the culprit. AL is an excellent platform and usually have no issues with installs. This could be due to a particular package that is propagating the issue. I might do what @anon37345411 has done and just install one package at a time and see if I can find what’s causing this to happen. So stay tuned folks, the great adventure of @sevenday4 is afoot! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yeah, going through them line item seems to have been the trick here and I’m sure whatever the problem is, will be resolved.

I’ve never used a distribution which fits my home needs better than ArchLabs and having the occasional Arch head scratcher to sort is just the nature of 'da beast. You live by the sword and die by the sword but that’s the fun of it. :slight_smile:


Well the last ‘swindows’ update caused issues with my arch installs. My BIOS doesn’t have secure-boot so that’s not an issue. Will have to check to see if fast boot was reinitialized again. @ector maybe correct on that, will have to check.


I continue with v2018.03, however due to the updates I had two problems, 1) LightDM was removed and I lost access to the system (only a black screen) but I managed to solve. 2) Thunar has removed my custom actions from the context menu, I create them and then restart them, but that does not bother me because Thunar is my 2nd manager option.

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