POP!_OS (Good clean fun)

For those who are interested in my inability to maintain a stable desktop environment…

I have been playing around with 21.10 and added a few tweaks to the standard desktop. The tweaks include:

(2) conkies with system status & keybinding info (to help my old memory).

jgmenu to provide even quicker and easier access to any/all apps

yad to provide quick access to system functions & maintenance activities.

I, also, added 9 workspaces with apps opening in their targeted space. This functionality also includes keybinds to all workspaces & redirects of apps to a new designated workspace (manually).

All functionality is available via keybindings. If there is interest I’ll write-up a tutorial, provide code, dotfiles, etc. Otherwise this has just been ‘old fashioned’ fun.


Nicee @manyroads

While Gnome-anything isn’t my cup of tea, this does look good!

@Chris the reason I started playing with Pop!OS is that they are moving Cosmic (away from Gnome) and working on building a new DE (Cosmic-Rust). The Cosmic desktop itself is quite excellent and fast (but not really low memory). I’d like to see what they come up with down the road. Like with Solus, it looks like the DE landscape might be changing.

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So this is a glimpse of what they are putting out? If so, I thought that was a good bit off in the future yet.

Here’s all I can offer… Oh, Wow! Pop!_OS Linux Devs Are Creating a New Rust-based Desktop Environment - It's FOSS News

EDIT: and look here…

EDIT-EDIT: @Chris this may be worth checking out as well.

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Hard at work again @manyroads ! Keep it on.

Can you let us know when you find a way to ditch the dirt theme … from the encryption and login screens?

What dirt screen? Do you mean the login screen? I don’t see that one because I use autologin.

EDIT: This allows you to tweak gdm login… https://www.linuxuprising.com/2021/05/how-to-change-gdm3-login-screen-greeter.html

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For those who might be interested, I have place two POP! tutorials on my website. Like always, they are free and worth every penny…


Top work again @manyroads


You know, you make a good point. If the machine is a single person & is encrypted, there’s really not any reason to “not” auto-login. That would be an extra redundancy.

Can you change the decryption screen to text only (therefor, removing the earth tones)?



You can try this:

This one may not be as elegant or slick but:

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FWIW… here is the current development status (prototypes, approach). for the upcoming Rust-base POP Cosmic DE.

Another credible communique re: Cosmic (Rust): Exploring System76's New Rust Based Desktop Environment | Devloop

Isn’t this really just a modern take on Gnome? Looks too similar. I assume that’s the intention.
I get why they are doing this - nobody likes to be held to what the devs at Gnome dictate etc. but I would have thought that they would have introduced a completely new look. Why on Earth, would you take a DE and pretty much rewrite it in something else?

I’m sure I’m missing something here (besides not being a fan of Gnome, lol)
I suspect if a person is a lover of Gnome, this may be an answer to your dreams. I dunno - too many folks I speak with either hate Gnome or love it. Nothing in between. And this new DE, may be received the same way.

It’s really quite different from gnome (actually much closer to a full blown DE that is i3wm-like or sway-like with auto-tiling, etc.) POP Cosmic seems like it runs much faster than gnome, as well. The problem POP and apparently Budgie have is the the gnome base is both unstable and unpredictable (in terms of its direction). System76 has elected to roll their own. Budgie is building with enlightenment. System76 does appear to have vision for itself, whereas Budgie seems less clear. Gnome IMHO is simply muddled.

I find it all fun to watch. System76 is building their environment for techie geeks (engineers). Gotta say that appeals to me. :wink:

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Innovation and evolution are absolutely welcome, and choices are great too. :+1:

i use this on my gaming computer now, pop_os 22.04 with tiling cosmic, cant wait for the new version built in rust and with no Gnome. Currently using it is a pure window manager without dock and so on, works great.

Dont know why, but my nvidia card works better with steam in pop than in arch (probably my fault).

Only problem ive had is the blender version (deb) seems to not work that well, and i need to get the flatpack to get same functionality as in archlabs. In archlabs blender is much faster than the flatpack version in pop os. Dosent really matter as i use my other machine for that mostly, wich has archlabs.


Could be the configuration. Some distros come with tweaked Xorg configs, Arch doesn’t.

I don’t use flatpack and snap because 1) they are binary bundles which could contain anything 2) they have larger size (statically linked) and run SLOW.

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