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Pop!_OS by System76

Pop!_OS by System76

Checking it out; Ubuntu based running Gnome so a resource hog. Otherwise an interesting project. Some nice features out of the box.

Bet ArchLabs would run great on this hardware -:monkey_face:

Edit - Screenshot or it didn’t happen:

Look at this beast.

If I were to use a Ubuntu based OS, I think it would be Pop.

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That laptop.weighs 8 pounds. They’re taking a different approach to mobile computing.

Well polished distro. Actually have an Nvidia iso (what I was using) that will handle the installation of proprietary Nvidia drivers during the install. First I’ve seen of that. Ubuntu or any other Ubuntu derivatives provide that? Actually a handy feature.



System76 laptops are custom-built to run Linux flawlessly

No, thanks. :smiley: Unless NVIDIA is the one and only GPU.

That wouldn’t worry me as I would never use it anywhere other than at my desk :smiley:

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Same on my end.