Pop!_OS 22.04 Launches Based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, Powered by Linux 5.16 and PipeWire

I downloaded & booted up the live image. Everything seemed to be smooth, a lot more polished than the stock GNOME DE. It’s definately on the heavy side, around 200 processes and consumes about 700mb when idle. When tried to launch Firefox, oops, the system froze immediately. That’s the end of my latest Pop!_OS(Ubuntu) journey. :sweat_smile:


I like the Cosmic desktop, the tiling extension they have baked in is pretty cool. I’d use PopOS over Ubuntu, because of Cosmic. I did notice a bit of lag in launching apps, and I think you have to turn Wayland on as default, but if I had another computer lying around as a GNOME computer, Pop or Fedora would be the first two choices.

Running it off a thumb drive. Nothing froze up yet, I was going to check out their Pi version but it’s not an ISO, it’s in a img.xy or some shit. It actually runs pretty smooth, albeit I am in running it on a stick. Very little packages on it, not even a scrot utility.

What I don’t like is how they categorized the application overview, although I am sure that can be tweaked, or not. I don’t like to use VM’s, for I to get a better idea of it, I’d have to install it, and I am one computer down out of two (the other I have yet to put back together lulz). Again if I were to use an Ubuntu based distro, this one would probably be my first choice. Mint maybe the second. I think I have gotten over my Cinnamon hate, but maybe not.

The only thing good about Cinnamon is it wasn’t named Butterscotch. Seriously, it’s just too dumbed down.

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Budgie is kinda the same, but I think that’s the point. In a way they are both regressive, but easy for the average user. I use XFCE after I swore it off lulz, but mainly because it’s modular and can co-exist easy with WMs. I don’t do customization much anymore, but I do like to tweak, and for some reason Cinnamon and especially Budgie seem limited to me. I don’t like to use or need extensions to help with workflow, I think features should be baked in. I forget what distro I used Cinnamon in that used to have a tweak function (it wasn’t Mint), but in the AL install I had, it wasn’t there. So the devs must had dumbed it down even further. I could be wrong though.

I like Cava, and come to think of it, it might had been a Debian based distro where I found the tweak function. I think all file managers should have a dual pane option, but I just use a dual pane file manager in place of one like Thunar when I want to move files from external drives.

Thunar has dual pane. Tabs.

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I’m not really a tab guy, I like FM’s like Double Commander:

I also use MC a lot, dual pane FM’s are something I have used for ages on all platforms. In Windows, I had one that was basically my desktop, I launched everything from it, connected to networks and drives. That’s mostly due to I hating Windows lulz.


Yeah, ya do have to hover the Tab you want to switch to, in Thunar. So not true dual pane. Not as straight forward as MC and it’s clones.

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Thunar 4.17 is supposed to have split/dual pane view. On an Arch-based system you can try thunar-git or thunar-devel from the AUR and see it it’s working. May have to upgrade your plugins like thunar-volman to keep them working.


pcmanfm also supports dual panel view? Haven’t used it for long, not sure. Or, double cmd. https://doublecmd.sourceforge.io/

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Oh, interesting, wasn t aware of that one development @PackRat

I had that in a previous AL install, but it was buggy. Like it crashed hard on me and borked a lot of other stuff while I was working in it. No biggie, I had GNOME in that installation and decided to use XFCE because of all the WMs I load in the install boat (I have a DE with AL now because I am too lazy to learn the new keybinds lulz). DC is fine for a GUI FM, and of course MC. I don’t use them that often, only when I pull old files off external drives.

Edit: I have a dual pane FM fetish lulz, I tried them all in every platform. In Linux there was Worker, DC, one that was developed in Windows but ported to Linux that is similar to MC, really cool but a tad buggy, and almost any other out there. Even Krusader lulz, that is actually a cool one but the KDE dependencies keeps it off my computer.


Norton Commander for me. With Wine if needed. I love dual panes also. And I am dependant myself in many ways, so I don’t care about KDE dependencies. Only Gnome is out of the window, this completely inconsistent gulag of UI/UX decisions. What’s wrong with these software producers or spinners throwing out half-baked products and getting their boxers wet about it? Gnome 42, LXQT 1.1., KDE: they always tend to forget some stuff. What happened to QA?

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I like a system that is not too heavy and can run on older computers. POP looks nice but not my cup of tea.



Linux is like bringing several different automakers from all over the world to manufacture one vehicle.

“Here is the engine (the kernel), figure all the rest of this shit out between yourselves”.

That’s why youse guys love ancient cars lulz.

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@Peppe @drummer

I think nemo does dual panes too.


Yup, F3. F6 in pcmanfm :wink:

Nemo is cool, but I like FM’s that are independent from whatever DE they are native to (Dolphin for example, which is IMO the best native FM out there, it’s just KDE). That’s why MC is almost perfect. DC as well. Again I have tried almost every dual pane FM out there in all three platforms. The ones I like best integrate the mouse as well as keybinds. When you work with a buttload of files throughout several drives because you’re a data hoarder and storage is cheap, accessing drives formatted in Mac, Windows, and Linux, as well as your smartphone, cloud, file servers, FTP, even optical media, ten plus years of hoarding shit needs something more simple and not dependent on the OS you’re in lulz.

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True, I tried. Later some update refused to install, so I got back to the regular version.

It does.
I’ve been using caja. Didn’t bring much of Mate desktop in.