Pop are creating a new Gnome based DE, Cosmic


to bad pop is based on ubuntu


Yeah but as we know most DE’s are widely available so no doubt this will be available on Arch.


This looks very promising, will surely give this one a go.

If you like slow software managers there really is nothing like Ubuntu’s. :wink:


When I really ponder things, I think the thing I like ‘best’ about the Ubuntu approach is their reliance on Snaps, Flatpak and appimages. I like the notion of “create it once”, screw it up many times. I didn’t say that, did I?

Edit: It’s sort of like when I was developing engineering standards, we used to say that “standards” were sub-optimized by committees to work equally poorly in all environments.

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I tried Cosmic on bare metal over the w’end. It’s a work in progress & they’re obviously taking it in the direction they feel their core user base appreciates. I like their effort & the tiling extension.

If you like vanilla, Arch G40 or Fedora 34 are pretty darn good already. Smokin’ performance for a DE/Shell.

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I tried Fedora 34 and liked the new Gnome release. Also noticed if extensions are enabled, it slows down quite a bit.

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Right, that could be. I noticed that Fedora 34 doesn’t ship with any extensions OOTB.

Fedora has stock gnome. At least one thing they have done right.


I tried Fedora for the first time recently. OOTB it works, it’s a minimal Btrfs install & includes SELinux.

I, also, tried Gnome40 (on openSUSE and Fedora)… was not impressed.

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I have 40 on AL. I’d rather use 40 than Plasma. You can minimize GNOME more than XFCE4. Unless you’re using bits of XFCE4 with a WM.

I don’t add extensions to GNOME, although I haven’t explored much tiling options for it. I still haven’t found a good workflow with it yet, but I live mostly in WM’s anyway.

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I quite like Gnome 40, to play with. I couldn’t use it every day though. I have become to reliant on a tiling wm.


I have only tried 40 in a single display configuration, I’ve yet to try in a multi monitor or matrixed display mode. It’s a good “GUI” desktop as in using applications that are GUI intensive, text and application windows are very crisp, and the taskbar on the top is very minimal. 40 works well with touchscreen and trackpads, to me it’s like a cousin to macOS which isn’t a bad thing if one is coming from or using macOS.

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That’s right. The new gnome has touchscreen as the target from beginning.


Absolutely, a tiling wm makes workflow sense … especially on a monitor with plenty of real estate. How nice that would be on a 26" or 32" display.

When you’re using laptops in the neighborhood of 13-15.6", tiling can get so small that it’s benefit may be less noticable. I find the metakey - type - enter to navigate a little quicker for my use.

I tried Pop tiling & i3 recently on a 14" and there wasn’t enough vertical or horizontal space with anymore than a primary and two secondary tiles.

At least, that’s my own experience.

Or in my case a 43" :smiley:

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Gee, looks like a tv !

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A tiling supercenter!