I updated today after a week that I did not update and polybar no longer starts,I also downgraded the files that have the bugs, but it is not served.
thank for help

Please open the console and manually try to start Polybar. Look for the error output and provide that to us.

what command should I give ??
I gave
polybar -r openbox-bar
is broken down, I have to change the command in start-openbox ??

ok it seems that doing the reload starts again, for the moment I put solved

Last week i update all system, then the polybar are Missing. I’m Crazy searching the polybar
Thanks - Sorry my english is very poor.

Have you updated your system since? Sounds like the reoccurring polybar bug which Nate fixed last week @jhmorenof.

See here.

I’d humbly suggest you update your Arch system more frequently than you appear to. :slight_smile:

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I update each week.
please, where is the file libjsoncpp.so7

@jhmorenof Please see the link @anon37345411 provided you with. The solution to your problem, is written in that thread.

Thank you.

After many attempts I can not update polybar. libjsoncpp.so is a library and it was not possible to change the name.
I resorted to something coarse, yaourt -R polybar and then yaourt -S polibar. works
Excuse me I use Google translator

@jhmorenof, can you show me your pacman.conf please? I’d like to just be sure of something.

You should be getting an update for your polybar, especially as it was updated for ArchLabs over a week ago.