Polybar is keeping me up in the middle of the night!

It’s 30 degrees © night here and I can’t sleep. Polybar is keeping me up! I am using nitroshare to send files within the network between computers. It’s handy and fast.
My question is: How do I make nitroshare show up in polybar? Is it possible or do I have to use something like stalonetray?


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Ok. I will try my way through bars, panels and trays!
Thanks for interest!


If it’s just a tray icon (like transmission) you can enable the tray module in polybar. It works pretty well. The settings are in the config files, just commented out.

Anything else you may be able to do with a custom command.

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All you need is to change tray options in master.conf like this:

tray-position = right
tray-padding = 0

You can also try to see if you get an output from that specific software and make a custom module for it.
Check out the scripts in your bin folder and your custom script modules, for example, this one:

type = custom/script
tail = true
exec = toggle.sh -r
label = %output%
click-left = toggle.sh -r -tg &

It’s really not that hard to setup.

P.S.: I’m also addicted to Polybar… I’ve spent the last few days experimenting on it :grin:

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My God it´s hot!
I will try to figurie it out! I need right-click and left-click in Nitroshare, could that be a problem?


On a system tray icon? No, the icon will (should) work just like it does for tint2 or trayer. For a custom command, you will just need to define them - like the “click-left =” in the redshift example. Just define a “click-right =”. There is also click-middle, scroll-up/down.

I have tried for a few hours with nitroshare in polybar. I am not very close. I can get an icon to show up where I want but it is not the nitroshare icon. Nitroshare start in terminal gives “can not set trayicon visible”. I feel totally “blind” here. First I took your example of “copying” the redshift module and changed it a bit to nitroshare and then I had 2 redshift icons! Looked in to the toggle script and I am guessing that every module must be in the script to work in polybar? To add nitroshare to toggle script demand more knowledge about scripting than I have. I will continue to search for info but my hope went down a bit.


Hey !! Just try one thing. Run NitroShare as root and then it will show in your polybar.

Please don’t necro-bump old threads like this, closing.